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Things People Do
« on: October 21, 2003, 03:32:31 AM »
What is the culture like
Kerren Clusters are small towns in very many ways, with large ones being 5000 people. So think small town... small airforce towns.. with new pilots flying in frequently.

Kerren has three "fabrics", Flaxen a rough cotton, spitre silk, and leather.  Given their mastery of chemicals, these can be found in a variety of colors.

Male: Breeches and shirts. Most of the men's shirts are of the Cavalry or Russian cut, so the buttons go up the side and across the top of the chest. Dressing up for men is usually wearing a nicer version of the forementioned clothes, sometimes with an overshirt. There is a new trend of wearing a waist coat, a short jacket over nice, but standard clothes.  

Female: working- Breeches and a variety of tops. For less active work or off work, the dress code is skirts, with a variety of tops.  The blouses come in pull over or button ups.  When women are "dressing up", a simple single piece dress in a wide variety are the current rule of the day.  Lengths very by age and geographic location.  (If you see a woman in a little black dress, then you know she is dressing up for someone).  

Boots are the normal footgrear. They range from low to thigh high, cuffed and non cuffed. The bugs of Kerren make flats/ slippers for anything other than inside wear very impractical. (heck even then...). Short people wear higher heels, male or female both.

Ryders wear breeches and shirts. Sometime the pants are leather. They almost always wear a leather jacket, again with the Cavalry cut. Many of their jackets and some of their pants are hard leather or with hard leather patches. This allows it to function as Armor against Zhan. Some people wear an aviator's cap, of soft leather or hard. They will frequently have goggles and their wing scarves. They wear heeled boots as well, to help with their stirrups. When not on duty, they will wear more normal clothing, but often throw parts of their Ryding uniform in to show off their status.

Ryders frequently wear scarves around their neck with their wing and warren's colors.  Pretentious Warrenfolk wear scarves with just the warren color.  

The rain gear of choice is a duster, perferably of oiled cloth or soft leather. Herders tend to wear a distinctive hat (cowboy).

Umbrellas are seen in fair and foul weather, for shade and protection.
Fans are common for women and men in the South, but only for women in other areas.

Greetings should be an arm clasp (if you are familiar with the person) or a bow, (if you don't or they are significantly your social superior).

A wave is always the good bye or to get attention. It is always an across the body motion that can be seen from far away, no princess wave or cute hand wave would be recognized.

Food has an Asian Feel to it, given rice and soy being the dominant food plants. However, meat seems to be a popular food source for humans as well as dragons.

The linking of two people is handfasting rather than marriage.  While handfasting can be loose associations, if the contract lasts for longer than a few years, it is shameful to break up a long handfasting.

The funerary custom is to burn the bodies on a high standing prye. The local scavangers taught the Colonists early the futility of burying people.

In many ways, Feudal Japan is a good way to think of Kerren. There co-op economic systems, their elite fighters, a lord that rules over most aspects of life in their domain/ ward, and an honor system (more chivalric than bushido), all have echos to Feudal Nippon . However, the change of honor code and the loyalty projected to the Ward, rather than the Lord/ Warden, make all the difference.
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