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We've been there for quite a while. That's how I found the citadel in the first place.

Ancient Gamer:
And we are "Gold", "Top 100" AND "Cool" to boot! Not many are that!

I found Strolens a year before the RpgGateWay, but by then I had lost the Strolen's link and through the powers of the gateway I rediscovered the lost realm of Strolen's Paradise.

--- Quote from: manfred on August 06, 2007, 03:16:01 PM ---A little aside, we are on the "Editor's Choice Awards Page" - sites that have earned the Gold Wyrm Editor's Choice awards for content, design, overall ease of navigation and site usefulness. The Citadel is among "Resources : Character Building : Equipment".

So even if we fall from grace again, we should stay visible there.

--- End quote ---

The ranking is based off of hits as well as votes.  The 'cool' tag is entirely popularity, measured in hits out.

ive just voted and it definatly needs to be higher, considering what else they've got on there.


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