Author Topic: So, I want to post some non fantasy stuff  (Read 5969 times)

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So, I want to post some non fantasy stuff
« on: January 04, 2007, 05:45:46 PM »

As the primary poster of non-fantasy or non generic fantasy things on Strolens, let me give you some advice.

1) Look around at what has been done before. See what they did.

2) In the main submission area, the first line of the main submission, in itallics, put what kind of campaign genre the submissions is for.  If the character is for a specific setting or game, like Exalted, put that in the first line.

From Miss Jillian: For a Modern or Pulp Super Campaign. Could be adapted to other genres and settings.

3) Make sure your post is well executed in terms of spelling, grammar, format, and effor. "Other" posts have a couple more hurdles than generic fantasy posts. Do not stumble over the basics.  If you haven't seen the article Five Best Tips for Posting, go here now and read it. http://www.strolen.com/content.php?node=1272
4) Make sure to add extra description and explanation to your submission. Remember your audience. You are writing for a general "fan", not someone who knows the ins and outs of the genre or setting. So while a "general fan" might know or be able to extrapolate certain things, additional details will make it easier for them. Include information about anything that people won't know (usually the specifics).

5) Check to see if there is an appropriate free-text for the submission. If there is, use it. Supers, Western, Cyberpunk, Urban Fantasy, all have their own free-texts. Check to see if there one

6) Related to that, see if there is a scroll or codice set up for the genre (there is one for Westerns and Supers). If there is, add it to the scroll or codice.

7) Be prepared for a less than enthusiastic response or the vote is lower than you would expect.  Don't worry about it. Do the best possible post you can and people will eventually warm up to them.
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