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Project Page
« on: September 03, 2005, 01:17:46 AM »

World of Wings/ Ryders of the Storm

Genre: Fantasy to science fantasy       Background:  Another world  
Events: Political, Monster Hunting, Duels   Like:  Any number of fictional dragon riding worlds.  
Characters: Leading members of a Dragon Wing    Gamemech: Land Creation 53.0

The WoW is a fantasy world where humans have tamed and now ride great flying beasts called dragons.  They have built a society them because of what they can do.  It is a world of large pueblo like cities, open expanses of land, and secluded villages.  The human has several political factions which would tear it apart, it was not for the periodic appearance of the Zhan.  Zhan are alien lifeforms that fall from the sky.  When they land they corrupt organic things.  Creatures so infected become twisted and powerful; monsters to shatter the paradise. The characters are the leading members and the important people around their Ward.  While protecting their lands and those around them, they must protect themselves from the political working of their greedy neighbors.

Action Scene- Dragon vs Grey Dragon

Movie Intro

Romance scene in the back of the Rook

Explain Dragons

Zhan Monster Fight

Explain Zhan

Ambush for person on the way to important meeting with proof of explanation.  

Explain intrigue

Dragon on Dragon fight.. interrupted by zhan

Welcome to G2

Encyclopedia Kerrenica is sidebar all through the piece

General Overview of Kerren
   Geology, Geography, Flora, Fauna, Time
*Each Historical Epoc
  1) Pre-amble, a bit about Earth and Colonist origins and flight
  2) First Down - Early Years
  2b) Onterio and first Ryders
  2c) The flu pandemic
  3) Early Years
  4) Middle Periods  (maybe some interesting historical oddities)
 Then the various social/ economic/ political write ups

*Character creation
*Dragon Creation
*Flora and Fauna big section.
*Zhan (and creation)
*Tournament Resolutions
*Creating Warrens/ Clusters/ Villages  
*Campaigning in Kerren
  1) Capture that Pulpish feel
  2)  Add Soap Opera
  3) Character Driven
  4) World Elements (High Warden decisions)
  5) Places to go from here.. (Starmen, et all... adding a couple more like increased Zhan activity, or another plague, or change in the Warp...
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