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Luke Lavin:
Open file Project Hypergate...
File Opened...
 :!: WARNING :!:
Following Information Come from Terran Inteligiance Agency (TIA)...
Classifcation White..
Enter Password Now:
Access Denied!
*** *****
Access Granted!

Technology:  Krana based.  
Krana: Volitile energy found deep inside moutains.  Comes in three forms solid liquid and gas.  Solid form is oftern used as a power battery capable of sustaining much more power than any conventional magic way.  Krana can be found anywhere in rock deposits.  Redish rock that produces radioactive enegies.  Solid form acts like a battery that can used to power krana energy weapons, krana energy shields, and small veicles of transportation.  

The liquid form holds much more energy but extremely dangerous to handle, any contact with it can cause death instantly or unforseen disgusting genetic mutations.  The liquid form can only be held in the strongest charmed clear steel.  Each of these tubes is about  20 feet in height and 4 feet in cicumfrence like a cylinder. Often called cores.  These cores can be hooked up to Krana Energy Converters.  The Liquid Krana produces energy through each motion and flow from end to other giving of spouts of energy that is converted into electricity at huge amounts.  They also requirce Krana Storage tanks which to keep the krana energy for conversion.  1lb of krana energy = equals almost 100,000watts of eletric energy.  One Krana plant can hold four krana cores and power a human city in defilantly.  Another bonus is the krana does not seem to decay or deacys at a rate it would be thousands of years for a solid battery to disintergrate and an estimated 750 years before the first krana reactor even began to decreacse in efficancy.

Krana gas: Only little information known scienist on a research vessel experimented on it but once they finaly cuased the krana to gasous a huge explosion ripped the ship apart and a the blast could be seen from Higara.  Since that dreadful incident all species signed a treaty banning experiments on Krana gas.  Anyone who partake sin experiments on it will harshly punished in the most immeidate and extreme form.  


Magic come in three forms life magic, natural maigc and wizerd magic.  Wizerds are the masters of magic and can control all forms of it, some say that wizerd magic is the most powerfuk but it is hard to know not mayn wizerds exist in today's world.  Some say they are dieing off, it is a mystery.
Natural Magic comes from nature and all things true to it.  Taking care of nature magic empowers your natural magic immensly.  Natural Magic has the power of Growth, Summoning, Healing, Enchantment, and Potion Making (able to be done by most mages but partictioners of Natural make the best potions.)  Life Magic comes from the living magic inside all sentient beings.  Life Magic is severly banned as is it needs sacrifices of living people to work.  Life magic from the Sacrifices is used only for one thing destruction.  The bigger your sacrifice the bigger the magic bomb that sets off.  This is a cumersome force for one mage to use, it also corrupts the soul of the mage that partakes in this.  Even minor mages and feel when this is used it feels like everyone in the world you held dear suddenly died for no reason.  It can often cause even the most cheerful  togo into bouts of depression.

RACES:  The known races of Higara are:

The Humans:  Each Humans stands anywhere form 5'6" to 6'4" tall, range in skin colors from pale white to tans and browns to black.  Eyes are a wide variety of color too.  Humans are renowned for curiosness, courage, intellignace and passion.  Some of the greatest and evilest characters in history were humans.  Humans have little or none life energy some humans practice natrual magic.  But few become very good, humans get by mostly through their invenitiveness to come up things to replace magic.  With the discovery of Krana humans have come from peasant villages to bustling cities and brave explorers.

Elfs:  Elves are old wise racethat benefit vastly form natural magic.  Elf castles are made from pure rock and marble drawn from the ground by some of the most powerful natural mages of the time.  Elf natural magic is very powerful not only holds control over the things of nature but the very elementals them selves.  Elves are about 4'10"-5'4" with exceptions.  Have mutliple colors of skins like humans and have even a wider variety of eye colors.  

Gnomes: Gnomes are the discovers of the Hypergate and are the foremost in knowledge of it and have greatly helped all the species expand to colonies.  Gnomes and cheerful clever, happy go lucky people, often stand a little shorter than elfs.  They love nature and like the elfs practice it strongly and have also done some great research into dechphering the languages on the Hyper Stone.  Gnomes have skin colors like elfs but are often paler.  Gnomes live in forest cities rather high above the ground.  (think ewoks but smarter).  Gnomes also have done a rather good job on inventing healing herbs for Krana radiation which has becom more of a problem now that it is being mined.  

...more to come...

Hey, man. Watch that spelling and punctuation. It makes it easier for us to read, yeah?

Great description baring the most obvious of grammatical errors.

Great start and doesn't leave a lot of room for questions, especially when we are expecting more. Bad for conversation, but good that you have already have a good development.

Looking forward to more.

Luke Lavin:
i could use help on inventing a few more races.

Luke Lavin:
...Access Granted...
...File opening...

...Please Wait...

...Krana Based Weapons Schematics file opened...

KPEB Rifle: KPEB or Krana Produced Energy Blast is a new advencement combining minor laser technology and Krana tech.  A Laser is fired through a krana crystal with produces a inexplainable reaction in the crystal and a discharge out the other side based on size of oringinal Laser beam. The rifle version has an open Krana Crystal mounted on the end of the rifle where the barrel usually is.  Each crystal has about 50 charges before it's "glow" goes out meaning the red glow it usualy aminates goes dull and the crystal chanes color to clear.  

KPED Gatling Gun:  Same concept except larger gun chasis and three crystals are mounted on a rotating barrel.  The crystals are smaller but the rotations seem to give them a longer life.  The result is a stacado of small energy blasts that can overwhelm even the sturdiest personal defenses.  A very powerful weapon in skilled hands.  

NON Krana Based weapons...

MAP(Magnet Accelerated Projectile) Sniper Rifle:  A combination of magic and magnetic sciences.  Almost a meter long barrel lined with magnets held in place with binding magic.  A magic powered heat sensor is placed in a hole about the size of an index finger.  This is the trigger, a shooter inserts his finger in the hole and the detector causes the magnets to shoot out the five inch nickel spear that comes in 8 shot clips.

Blazer Rifle (Standerd among almost all soceities):  A wooden magic rifle.  A  elongated wooden shaft shaped like a short stubby spear with two hand holds( varies among species because of physical traits).  The back hand hold has a finger trigger, that causes the enchanter rifle to discharge a beam of pure magic energy.  Often causes wounds like 3rd degree burns and fatal.  (Power of blast depeneds on race that enchants the rifle.  Obviously a wizerd made or elf made will be much more powerful than a human made blazer.

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