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Hypergate Episode II
« on: January 26, 2004, 12:43:10 AM »
The first episode was kinda of a test run and introduction to the world but seeing as how no one joined it was a little hard to work on.  I'm not going to stop just because no one played along, I'm cool with that.  

Episode two will mostly be Luke's recovery and adventure in the wild lands of the north and his search to find the Duke.  Also running parallel to that story will be another of the war.  Gnomes(and Dwarves) allied with the elves seek to remove Jordan from power to stop another massercre like the one against the Drow.  That plot line will be take place on ships and in space battles mostly because whoever controls the space above controls the whole world.  Jordan will seek to planetary bombard the Elves and Gnomes, the Elves will seek to stop this of course but also destroy the orbital shipyards.  The Gnomes who are usually neutral side with the elves because they know if the Terran Empire isn't stopped now they'll just have to fight them later.

New Race:

Night Elves or Dark Elves  They are a race of elves that would be similiar to Hitler and the Nazis.   They believe that they are the master race, and blamed theor place in life on the different races of elves.  Adventualy they were subdued beacuse they made the foolish choice of declaring war on all nations at once.  They were permanently partishioned from other elves and all of them were banished to northern wild lands.  

The average night elf stand at 5'-5'6" have skin colors that range in blues, indigos, and blacks for males.  Males also have eyes that are usualy red or yellow but also white rarely.  Females have skin colors that are violet, purple, red, orange, light green, and pink.  Females eyes have been catogorized ranging in all colors.  

Night Elf magic is drawn from ancient trees in Arila that grew to heights of a hundred feet or more and had blue leaves commonly.  These trees though would only grow in caverns though.  Since they were bannished these caverns were sealed and put under guard, the Night Elves were allowed to bring a few seeds to plant in the north so that they could live.  

Night Elves also make some of the finest ancient weapons in the world, and night elf mages are the only ones who know the secrets of a Life Force Sword.  

Night Elf females names are commonly filled with -ia sounds and -in sounds: Mineria, Tinoria, Quia, Rin

Night Elf male names commonly have alot O sounds and rr sounds: Gerro, Cherro, Leo, Jagerr, Chiro