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Luke Lavin:
I've been thinking about kinda of a space age magic world.  A technologicaly advanced world with a mixture of different races.  Im thinking of technology based off magic so the projectile base weapons wouldn't be as common.  Space travel is possible but a special type of crystal is required for power and ships are rair.  The main way people get around is the warpgate. ( Im going for a Stargate, StarCraft, and magical theme here).  I dont really want to blantly copy but im really fond of gate travel from stargate and the protoss's psi based weapons and kinda how technology if magic was around to take its natural cousrse rahter than inventive wits.

The humans are the most technologicaly advanced because in this world the rely the least on magic.  Dwarves, Gnomes and Halfling are all on paralell technological area kinda of modern technologly utopia with little magical influence.  Elfs and Drow dislike technology but accept its uses and use a little for larger needs such as defense and space travel.  Gremlins, Goblins, and Wizerds all severely dislike technology and its uses.  Wizerds hate it because they see it as the spawn of human greed and mutilation of magic.  Gremlins and Goblins dislike technology because it is the spawn of humans period, Gremlins and Goblins are at war with humans right now for control of resources and bad relatoins, Goblins and Gremlins were saved by the humans in a war long ago and are resentful towards human because humans always flaunt that they are superior compared to other races.  

The gatetravel system was discovered only recently by a group of wandering gnomes who gladly shared their secret to all being good natured.
This solved an overpopulation problem in the realm.  And has spawned colonies of all sorts across a wide range of planets that were discovered upon exploration.  These colonies are way out of range of the nearest starship exploration spawned colony.  They are mostly gnomes and dwarves who first discovered the gate and found a rosetta stone written in four languages two were un dechipcherable one of the two is believed to be old wizerd, or true tongue.  One of the other is high elf and the last is liken to orc speech but much more sophisticated.  Some say that it is something from an ancient extinct evil race that used the first fallen elfs as orcs many milenna past.  

But never the less the gnomes figured out 13 different combinations including the code that was their own realm.  Today 19 colonies exist across a ten planet span.  But lately there have been reports of some unknown force that has been attacking further exploration beyond the colonies.  Human reseearchers are working on a way to build a small enough space craft to travel after the gate, or a simple enough to construct at one of the colonies.

Basicaly i got a world but i need help on details how to weave everything together.

What do you need help on?  Or more readily how can we help

A link that might become interesting to you.

Luke Lavin:
cool gave me alot of info.  Basicly i need help on race details,  another race that i can intergrate the protoss type tech into.  Technology im working on but im not sure i wnat magic used.  Humans would be magic free, but i trying to think about ways to intergreat magic and tech for the dwarves halflings and elfs.  Im working on a map.

I need help on how the die system works here.  I just story rps before i never used a die system before.



--- Quote from: "Luke Lavin" ---I need help on how the die system works here.  I just story rps before i never used a die system before.
--- End quote ---

Explain please.

Go read the Lord Darcy Books on how to intergrate magic and basic tech.  The Incarnations of Immortality series also can give you ideas on how to intergrate things.

There is no die system here, per se, but most of us play die-based games back in the Real Life, games like D&D, Exalted, Vampire: the Masquerade, HeroQuest, Silver Age Sentinels, and so on.
Try them!


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