Author Topic: StarFORCE: Within the Academy, by Dojarak Szamjah  (Read 4276 times)

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StarFORCE: Within the Academy, by Dojarak Szamjah
« on: October 10, 2003, 11:13:12 PM »
What is it?
Any young student boy in the Galaxy can tell you about StarFORCE, for it seems to be every male's highest hope to join it.
Simply put, StarFORCE is what most Realms' militaries dream of being. They are the most highly trained, extremely well equipped, intelligently organized combat force in the known Galaxy.
They are an organization of beings (Note that I stress "beings") based on the planet of Commandia Center. They are trained in a mysterious compound in the hellish Commandian wilderness known as the StarFORCE Academy, and equipped from the StarFORCE Specialty Forge, an equipment factory complex that constructs the highest-quality combat equipments known to anyone. The location of the StarFORCE Academy and Specialty Forge are a closely guarded secret.
But let's not get too deep into it too early on.

The History of StarFORCE

In 789 Sectarum (Non-standard) Calendar, war engulfed the Galaxy. The first wave of the First Xenonid Hive Invasion swept in from the voids of space, ship-beasts slowly thawing out as they neared the heat of the tiny, Galactic Rim system known as Gazimem. Within months, the Hive Fleet had stripped the Gazimem system bare. A flood of Gazimemi refugees poured into the surrounding systems of Violas Suden and Chacmul 2. The reaction was immediate. The well-established military of Violas Suden (At that time, a militant High Islamic realm limited only to that system) immediately lifted into space, proclaiming "the destruction of Shaitan's demons will be at our hands." In Chacmul 2 system, the people, who's lives were focused around agriculture, were defenseless.
The Xenonids ripped through both, destroying the Violas Suden system completely, and rendering Chacmul 2's planets useless for their former purpose of growing. Of particular concern was the loss of Copal, sometimes called "the Jewel of Megablue" (At that time, Chacmul 2 was currently a part of the Megablue Realm.). Astute readers will note that Copal is now a labratory world.
The refugees who escaped those systems flooded into Megablue Realm, and among them was one Jonathun Prospero.

Jonathun Prospero

Jonathun Prospero was a Doghead of unusual intelligence. At 1 standard year after birth, he had already used more of his brain than most Dogheads do in a lifetime. He was the quintessetial child prodigy, excelling in reading, language, mathematics, science, and military scores. The last of these seemed to be his special forte. While equaling and surpassing the scores of his Birdhead classmates in the other educational sectors, he smashed records in the sectors of Military Science, Tactical Thinking, Weapons, and so on. By Level 3 (Collegiate) Education, Jonathun was already judged to be thinking at a Hyper-Accelerated Level. He became the Grand Champion of Chess on Megamarine Waiping Center. He was an ace marksman and a Class A-X Tactician, an expert with energy weapons, and he took to his Power Suit as if it were a second skin.

10 standard minutes graduation, Jonathun Prospero's long standing girlfriend, Karenith, broke it off with him. He was then arrested by the local police in connection with the detonation of a hydrogen fusion reactor, stripped of his graduation card and rank, and dishonorably discharged from the Megablue Education System. It has been indicated that all of his misfortune may have stemmed from his twin brother, Terrak Prospero, who, it was discovered later, was the one who detonated the reactor. Jonathun had his rank restored eventually, but Karenith never returned. The Doghead was said by close friends to be "inconsolable" and he "said that he was going to pop the question, before she left."

(To be continued)
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