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Updated Forum to 2.06
« on: September 23, 2003, 02:56:47 AM »
Please tell me if anything wierd goes on. I just updated the forums to the newest version.

It is a big job updating with all the mods I have and there are always worries of missing something.


Oh yeah, also installed another mod that is suppose to make the site pages come up much faster. A template cacheing system to allow the templates to be cached better so they will update for you quicker.

PSS. Add a "Watched Topic" page as well to make it easier to track what topics you get emailed about. This will allow you to remove yourself easily from topics you don't particularly want to get an email for yet you forgot you were even subscribed to it. --Reminder. There is a watch or unwatch text line underneathe every thread, so even if you don't respond to a thread and you want to watch it you can, you can unwatch one using this link to. You watch every thread that you reply to as a general rule.

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