Author Topic: ...reading Muro's "Moleskin" really HUMBLED me.....  (Read 1080 times)

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...reading Muro's "Moleskin" really HUMBLED me.....
« on: February 01, 2017, 09:36:37 AM »
So Muro put a comment on my "Virgin's Bane" sub. " Look at my Moleskin sub if you get a chance, it's the same subject, a dragon runt. "Just when I think my eyes can't open any more they get even wider about here. My sub doesn't really deserve to be on the same site as his.I could really ramble about this. Instead I'm just going to say the following.

Vote and comment HARD on my sub's as I try and grow as a writer here. I intend to do the same on yours. I'll no doubt struggle with my near Oekaki work but in the long term it will help me to grow. I've grown to the point where I feel like I finally fit in here but I want to take a place with the best of you.

I have kept a weekly game together for 35 years, 31 years the same campaign.
I have won over 50 awards at conventions for excellence as a roleplayer
these are facts
I have to learn to seperate that part of my ego from my writing, which is CLEARLY not in the same catagory

So bare with me as I grow, learn and hopefully , my great ideas will have the execution and polish they and you deserve.
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