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Re: Minons
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You're doing good work here, Echo.
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Re: Minons
« Reply #26 on: February 21, 2017, 03:25:36 AM »
32. The Clean-Up Crew
Operating under the label 'Rise and Shine', the cleaners are service providers for the underworld. Led by Long John Short, a retired assassin, and Melissa Xanthe, a retired crooked cop, they are well trained in looking for evidence... and disposing of it. The old pair hires level-headed criminals with more brains than average, who (while not as flashy as the A-teams of the mob, or not as notorious as the thugs and bruisers) have risen to a sort of prominence as working-class intellectuals among the underworld. Want good life advice? Stuck on a hard crossword? Looking for a good school for your kid? Ask a Cleaner.
While the Cleaners like to avoid exposure and combat, PCs may run afoul of them as they investigate a crime scene, or during the Cleaners' attempt to dispose of evidence. The Cleaners sometimes also step in to tie up loose ends when absolutely necessary, or dispose of evidence that is still alive and kicking.

On a slightly related note, the company also produces excellent work clothes; the Rise and Shine line is a locally sourced brand, with quality materials and smart design.
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