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Princecon in NJ
« on: March 18, 2016, 09:26:46 AM »
I just had the extreme pleasure of going to the 41st Princecon at Princeton University in NJ. It is a 46 hour modified 3.5 ed D&D fest Play is continuous through the 48 hours. You play the same character and go up levels just like you were playing in a massive campaign . There is a tight unifying theme, this years was Pseudo Elizabethan England. The quality of both the DMs and the players is quite good. Players come from all over the country for this

I had the extreme good fortune in coming in 2nd in overall Strategy Tactics and RPing (out of 70ish players) I played a focused combat mage named Dr Odde.
I had a prop Necronomicon filled with stolen incantations from the Dr Strange comics That I used as the verbal component of my spells. I played for 36 hours straight.(Pretty good for a 55 yr old if I do say so myself)

it takes place the weekend before St Patrick's day every year,  and is well worth the trip You can join the Princecon Facebook page for updates
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