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Beta reading on short story
« on: February 21, 2016, 02:13:44 AM »
Hi, everyone, looking for 2 more beta readers for my short story for the Pulp Fiction epub which is not quite 4900 words who can provide comments by the end of the coming week since we are releasing issue 1 on 1st March. The title of the story is called A Thread of Chance.  It's a story set in ancient China (fantasy version) involving 2 Chinese wizards/Geomancers and include two fairly cool scenes describing a Geomancer divination.  Hopefully, respondents to this request would have access to the G drive already but if not, we can do emails.

For those with access to the G drive but who haven't visited frequently, it's just sitting in the open within the EPUB1 folder and the prefix of Final on it like every other submission that will be included in the epub. Othewise, the file name is just the story title.
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