Author Topic: Gossamer Overthinks : Defensible vs Practical  (Read 1819 times)

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Gossamer Overthinks : Defensible vs Practical
« on: February 08, 2016, 09:06:00 AM »
So, been thinking about dwarves, and architecture. Now when you live underground, in proximity to the underdark, with all the horrors lurking and creeping around your doorstep; there ain't really gonna be a hard limit on how many barred doors, turrets and arrow slots you're gonna have.

Yet, to make something impregnable, you end up making it vunerable in other ways. For instance, one could argue that the most defensible position only has one entrance. But that ends up being a fire hazard. Granted dwarves tend to build mostly out of stone, so not a whole lot of it can burn, but stone chairs are impractical in that they can't hardly be moved and would give hemoroids so eh, not a good idea. Same with most kinds of furniture. And in either case, fire isn't the only problem. If something bad enters through the one entrance, it's going to be hard to get out.

If you make something safe from gas, you run out of air.

If you make it so you can shoot out, that's potentially a place to shoot in.

Now dwarves being all about defense, but also extremely pragmatic and practical. One begs the question where to draw the line, it seems something has to give.

There's also the whole, what parts of a house becomes obsolete when you live in a cave. I figure caverns still have drippings and what not so a roof, and a curved/sloped/domed one at that, isn't too bad. Windows though, might not be all that important, at least not from a light standpoint. Plus they're natural weak spots. My home is my castle after all.
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Re: Gossamer Overthinks : Defensible vs Practical
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2016, 04:15:20 PM »
i've always struggled with this balance of strghold vs practocle livable home. So Eragon gave me pause to re-think the whole thing. and the idea of dwarves living in the hidden valleys of the mountains makes sense for food and the like. this also is a reason  why the dwarves hate goblinoids and other mountain cave dwellers. the dwarves just have carved out the natural caverns to things of beauty. these first few caves end up being the entrances and great halls. but deeper are the mines, which is the heart of their wealth.

they use their stoneworks to hide other entrances and exits to keep from getting "holed up". but where the streams go deep and dark is the realm of the underdark. deep at the foothills level in the core of the rock. the Dwarves use the stonecraft to keep cunning work arounds from the major assaults.

This idea helped me feel more OK with how and why Dwarves were even in surface society at all. it's because they are on the surface, just in the high peaks with horrible neighbors. in my mind, main entrances are heavily fortified like a castle but with a maze of tunnels to keep the enemy guessing.
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Re: Gossamer Overthinks : Defensible vs Practical
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2016, 06:02:59 PM »

I have no real answers but thoughts that trickled in my mind as read...randomly.

Underground rivers. Definite issues for defense. Seen too many horror cave movies to trust those things!

If I was a dwarf (and I am, albeit drunk) I would have a huge grand entrance that siphons through a few defensible entrances. Each of these entrances would have GoT style collapsable tunnels that would completely seal them. They would also have some bad ass doors equal to about 100 Hodors before you got to the collapse. You have an opportunity to have many layers and murder holes. Gas you mentioned...probably just deal with those deaths and collapse it to keep from more happening.

Once you are in there will be minor defenses on scale with a castle's types. Hallways, doors, more murder holes and windows. Depends on the state of the world you are in how crazy you get with defense too. But once through the main you are in a pitched battle more or less.

Underdark I see it similar to the entrance. Major defenses along the main routes to the underdark. Try and keep them consolidated and/or funnel them into areas that you can defend. So entrance and underdark have major defensive networks with a comfy little home and mining caves branching out from the interior. Some secret escapes and such. Maybe something that doesn't quite breach the outside but with stuff in place for a quick explosion or some magic hammer or something. Keep the hobbits away from my gold type thing.

Fun ideas. Haven't thought much about it. Dwarves just live in holes, right?

As far as the 

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