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DM-LESS adventure module available!
« on: January 24, 2016, 10:28:14 AM »
Well met and good journeys fellow travelers of the reals!

I didn't see any specific rules against Kickstarter notices, so if I'm violating any please forgive me.

I have an active Kickstarter campaign right now (January/February). I'm not a spammer :-)
It's for DMs  and players alike. Come check it out! The basic version is only a dollar pledge and the full set up is only a three dollar pledge.


As a Player, have you ever wanted to adventure but couldn’t find a DM?

As a DM, have you ever had players wanting to keep going, but you didn’t have anything prepared?

This is a complete adventure ready to be played through in a single sitting of 2-3 hours. It can be dropped into any campaign, and is designed so it can be played in several different ways;

What it is: This project is a system neutral, solo-play, one-shot, complete adventure module for characters of any level.

What that means:

System Neutral means it is not dependent on any specific rule set or edition, and can therefore be dropped into just about ANY role playing campaign world setting. If your game rules use polyhedral dice, then this will work for you. It was written primarily for the most common traditional fantasy role-playing game settings, but it can be adapted for many other worlds with just a little imagination.

Solo-Play means it can be played by a single person without a DM. It can be played with multiple players with or without a DM as well. It has a flexible design and concept so it can be used in many different ways. Though it was designed to be played by a lone player by themselves, it can be played with a group of players and multiple characters, or even with a DM.

One-Shot means it is able to be completed in a single 2-3 hour sitting. This is also flexible in that you can increase the level of challenge (with more or stronger monsters) to increase the length of play time, or you can decrease the number of challenges to shorten the play session.

Complete Adventure Module means that everything you need to get through this adventure is contained in the PDF, HOWEVER, this is NOT a stand-alone game. SEE ALSO: What it is NOT:

For Characters of Any Level means that this module is scalable. You can increase or decrease the challenge based on the experience level of your character or characters.

What it is NOT: This is NOT a stand-alone Role Playing Game rules set. The rules and mechanics for a Role Playing Game are not part of this. This is just an add-on, like an expansion, for whatever Role Playing Game system you currently use. You will need at least the basic guidebooks for whatever Role Playing System you normally use.

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