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2015 Muro Awards
« on: January 16, 2016, 12:05:37 PM »
Awards season is almost back! Can you smell it?

Due to an unforeseen Time-Fugue issue (in 2014), this year we will be focusing on the year 2015 and all of the wonderful content posted that year.

Additionally, fearless leader (and producer of said awards) Strolen, has a few awesome surprises planned for this year's festivities!!

Please, no questions at this time. There are no answers. :P

Wondering if you have an award coming your way? Go review your 2015 activity. Not only is navel-gazing fun in and of itself, but you may also be able to predict quite a few winners and winning entries. Know anyone who will "definitely" be winning an award, but haven't seen that member around? Now is the time to reach out, to get their butts back here ASAP! Awards are more fun with speeches from the winners. :)

Lastly, there will be GRAPHICS!!!!!!! and BADGES!!!! and a BIG REVEAL!!!!! (And other fun stuff!)

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