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Zombie Game
« on: November 07, 2015, 09:06:54 PM »
Over the Halloween Weekend I went to the Walker Stalker Convention for the The Walking Dead. It was a fantastic long weekend adventure, but there was one part that stood out. The Walking Dead Experience, functionally a zombie apocalypse themed haunted house, the experience was anything but a haunted house.

I want to take my personal experience from the Experience and translate it into a game.

You had to sign a waiver to enter the Experience.

I had a gun in my face.

My wife panicked, and her and another member of our party retreated and were separated from the main group.

I laugh at haunted houses, but there were two points in the Experience where I panicked, and one where my wife commented that 36 seconds after she's gone and I'm going Tyler Durden on the world.

The salient points of the game:

You are a normal person, with no special skills, no military training, no access to heavy firepower
You will be as likely to be facing other people desperate to survive
You will very likely die

Is there any interest, or is the Citadel a cemetery?
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Re: Zombie Game
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2015, 05:23:40 PM »
I very badly want to do this but not sure about my ability to be consistent with anything.

If you are willing to kill me off or have me get lost, kidnapped or presumed dead occasionally.....I will give it a try!

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