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Cave of the Shriekers (Finished)
« on: September 20, 2013, 08:51:12 PM »
Transcript of a quick RP done in the minichat. About 45 minutes of playtime, for those interested.


Chaosmark: "You wake up and find that you're in a large room. Your companions are also slowly rousing from their unconsciousness. What do you do?"
Murometz: check my belongings
Shadoweagle: i cast magic missile!
Chaosmark: You have no belongings. You are, in point of fact, naked.
Murometz: i check my package. Everything ok?
Chaosmark: You do, however, have all your dangly-bits, apparently in working order.
Murometz: excellent. After avoiding SE's magic missile, i check exits
Chaosmark: The only exits appear to be a hole in the center of the ceiling, and a hole in the floor, one above the other.
Murometz: interesting. How many of us poor naked bastards are there in here?
Shadoweagle: I study the room while Muro checks for exits, for traps and interesting architecture.
Chaosmark: You can see two other people in the room with you. Neither of the others are naked, however. So there is only one poor naked bastard in the room.
Murometz: lol, crap
Murometz: perception check on both holes
Murometz: while asking SE to borrow a loin cloth or shawl
Chaosmark: (18:42:59) Minion: Chaosmark rolls 1d20 and gets 15. (18:43:02) Minion: Chaosmark rolls 1d20 and gets 14.
Chaosmark: Alas, both holes are shrouded in darkness. Can't see any light coming from either of them. Do you stick your head out either of them to get a better look?
Murometz: no
Murometz: can someone who has a shoe throw one up or down
Chaosmark: It appears your companion has fallen into a comatose state. He stares blankly at you, uncomprehending.
Murometz: d**n it. *Shakes SE*
Murometz: if he remains comatose after a good shaking, i take his clothes
Murometz: I scream loudly as well. Can't hurt.
Chaosmark: (18:46:55) Minion: Chaosmark rolls 1d20 and gets 20.
Murometz: maybe get some answers from our jailers/torturers
Shadoweagle: herp. I snap out of my reverie and pass Muro my shirt to clothe his nasty bits. i then then throw my shoe up
Murometz: lol
Chaosmark: You succeed in startling him with your yell. Congratulations.
Murometz: this is like one of those choose your path books. "If SE wakes jump to page 33. If SE remains comatose, proceed to page 6
Shadoweagle: haha
Murometz: did the gravity-defying shoe make anything happen?
Chaosmark: The shoe disappears up the hole, then reappears a few seconds later and disappears down the hole in the floor.
Shadoweagle: sorry about that - i was having this odd vision of cooking food for the masses. it happens now and then!
Murometz: well, at least we seem to be on earth
Chaosmark: Nothing of note happened.
Shadoweagle: i listen for the shoe hitting the bottom to judge distance.
Murometz: oh wait!! I know! how to figure out where the heck we are....what *KIND* of shoe does SE have?
Chaosmark: Approximately ten feet down, you can faintly see the shoe resting on the floor. It's indistinct, but apparently there is SOME light source down there. Just not enough to illuminate the floor.
Chaosmark: SE, what kind of shoe do you have?
Murometz: excellent, we descend. Se first then me, in case there is an attack from above
Shadoweagle: (so i have no belongings except for pants and one shoe now, yes?)
Murometz: lol
Chaosmark: Correct.
Murometz: and i have a shirt
Murometz: this is exciting :P
Murometz: im in suspense
Murometz: we go down. (SE first)
Shadoweagle: also
Shadoweagle: har!. before descending i take off my other shoe and remove the lace for safe keeping.
Shadoweagle: i would like to grip on the end of the hole and dangle down first. if i spot danger i will yell to muro to pull me up.
Murometz: excellent plan
Murometz: did we just get bonus problem-solving XP
Murometz: ?
Chaosmark: Not quite.
Murometz: rats
Chaosmark: You get a different kind of reward.
Shadoweagle: i think we just levelled!
Chaosmark: SE: You hang down into a hallway. Off to the left you see a wall about five feet away. On the right you see a torch hanging in a T-intersection.
Murometz: I join SE below
Murometz: laughing heartily, for surely teh wall is an illusion, I kick it with my bare foot
Chaosmark: After hanging for a moment, you hear a shuffling sound coming down the hallway connected to yours.
Chaosmark: What do you do?
Murometz: disregard above!! Abort!!
Shadoweagle: i drop down along with muro. while he exacts vengeance on the wall i examine and tske the torch.
Murometz: i *wish* for a weapon, careful to phrase my wish so that it cant be twisted
Shadoweagle: argh!
Shadoweagle: d**n this lag! :p
Chaosmark: Considering the nature of the lag, I'm willing to disregard both actions which would place you inside the lower hallway.
Chaosmark: Is this the course of action you would prefer?
Shadoweagle: this would be fun in full-chat :p
Murometz: lol
Murometz: so no weapon, despite my perfectly phrased wish?
Shadoweagle: ok, please do. i pull back up witg muro's aid. if succesdul, we wait quietly.
Murometz: we peek below, eager to identify the Shuffler
EchoMirage: hey gents
Chaosmark: Alas, the universe does not grant your perfectly-phrased wish.
Murometz: theres an Echo in this dungeon
Chaosmark: Your third companion picked a horrible time to wake up and call out to you.
Shadoweagle: heya echo. another person joins!
EchoMirage: take 2d6 sonic damage
Shadoweagle: afk! :cbwork time.
Murometz: join us, i have ashirt, SE has pants and a shoe. We are in some hell or other
EchoMirage: where?
Murometz: here
Murometz: crap, losing SE
EchoMirage: I thave a thingamajig
Chaosmark: You hear an angry snarl from the hallway below you in direct response to the noise you're making.
Murometz: that should help us
Chaosmark: Muro: you said you're peeking down the hole, correct?
Murometz: ok, we have a monster its official. Can Echo's thingamajig cause damage? I cant hut anything with a shirt
Murometz: yes, but just my eyeballs, the rest of my face is well away from hole
EchoMirage: (is this some kind of Amnesia - Dark Descent?)
valadaar: Woah
Murometz: im not sure, Echo, just roll with it :P
Chaosmark: Excellent decision. You see a naked humanoid shape shuffle into view below. It's the source of the snarling.
Murometz: aha! Whats it look like?
Chaosmark: It's shrouded in the darkness, so you can't quite tell much beyond the paleness of its skin and the fact that it moves on all fours.
EchoMirage: Naked and humanoid - well, we're naked too, no? Except for the dude with the shirt :D
Murometz: aha, a pale undead crawling miserable tortured thingy
Shadoweagle: me autopilot!!!
Chaosmark: It sniffs at the shoe, then looks around.
Chaosmark: It looks up at the hole.
EchoMirage: I duck back!
Chaosmark: Luckily, it doesn't notice you.
Murometz: i say, "Hey there!! Can you help us? Where are we? How do we get out? I have another shoe you can sniff if you help us!"
Chaosmark: (19:02:23) Minion: Chaosmark rolls 1d20 and gets 9.
Murometz: oh oh
Chaosmark: It notices you, and snarls again.
Chaosmark: It doesn't appear to recognize what you said.
Murometz: but cant jump or fly apparently, so thats good
Chaosmark: Nor does it seem to care that you tried to talk to it.
Chaosmark: It lets out a very loud shriek which echoes down the hallway.
Murometz: hmmm
EchoMirage: "Anyone got an idea how we got here?
Chaosmark: A few seconds later, you hear a chorus of responding shrieks.
Murometz: i see, he's ringing the dinner bell
EchoMirage: I feel slightly uncomfortable.
Chaosmark: What do you do?
Murometz: ok, back in our room, can I climb up to ceiling hole somehow and get a look above?
EchoMirage: I look for a rock.
EchoMirage: or pipe
Murometz: or shotgun
Chaosmark: Echo: You find an assorted collection of rocks ranging from "grit" to "pebble". Nothing that would make an effective weapon.
Chaosmark: Muro: You can just barely reach the lip of the hole above you, though you have to be careful not to slip and fall down the other hole.
EchoMirage: I hoist him up, does it help?
Murometz: right, using my well-trained kkung-fu grip finger muscles, i grab hold of the lip of the ceiling hole, do a pull-up, and look around
Murometz: or what he said
Chaosmark: Yes, you succeed with Echo's help.
Murometz: excellent. I see what?
EchoMirage: "Don't leave me down here - I think the critters will e bubbling up from below. They always do."
Chaosmark: You see another wall directly in front of you. Behind you is about ten feet of tunnel, and what appears to be daylight illuminating a curve of rock-face wall.
Murometz: i have an idea. SE is off to work. Maybe we can throw him down below and see what the shriekers do with him
Murometz: DAY-LIGHT!! We go up (but not before dropping SE into the floor hole, to buy us time, and cause them indigestion
valadaar: Thats a capital idea...
Murometz: lol
Murometz: i help Echo up, after dooming SE
EchoMirage: "Was he unconscious - or dead?"
Murometz: coming out of acomatose state
Chaosmark: The imagery is probably too gory to be placed into a Saw-Resident Evil slash-fic. But you succeed in distracting the shriekers and escaping up the hole.
Murometz: phew! Did I level up?
valadaar: I appear mysteriously...
Murometz: a wizard!
valadaar: Where?
Murometz: now we're cooking with gas
Murometz: oh just appear, not like in a magical teleporting poof kinda way?
valadaar: Good, I'm hungry
Chaosmark: Muro: You don't level, but you do gain the achievement, "Backstabber!"
Murometz: i'll take it
Murometz: double damage backstab to comatose party members?
Chaosmark: Do you go towards the light?
valadaar: Lol
Murometz: we do
EchoMirage: We scamper, even
EchoMirage: is it a train?
Shadoweagle: a fall down the hole, to the mercy of whatever beasts lie below!
Murometz: oops, he's back
Shadoweagle: as i fall i scream. a curse on Muro's family.
Murometz: I was about to pull you up with us, but then an idea surfaced. Why not sacrifice you to the troglodytes, so 2 of us can live to escape
Chaosmark: You come out into a large sunny field of flowers. Daisies, marigolds, and other wonderfully beautiful floral objects fill your vision.
Murometz: i smell a marigold, and shed a tear, thinking of my good faithful companion, SE
Chaosmark: Behind you is a small cave mouth set in a hill.
Murometz: then before Echo harangues me, I explain that all 3 of us could have died, or 1 of us could have died, and thus I chose to live
Chaosmark: You earn the "Whatever helps you sleep at night..." achievement.
valadaar: Marigolds stink :)
Murometz: cave? Is my platemail and battleax lying around in the field per chance?
EchoMirage: I shiver, then look at the gloomy cave mouth, then at the depths below...
EchoMirage: tears of relief fill my eyes...
Chaosmark: SE earns the "One Man Left Behind" achievement.
Murometz: lol
EchoMirage: is this too good to be true?
Murometz: i liked this dungeon. Quick and to the point. Much rejoicing and many achivements
Chaosmark: You all earn "Survived the cave"
Murometz: everyone should thank me for my quick thinking (except SE I guess)
valadaar: Oh, he liked it, in a fashion.
Shadoweagle: in part 2, i come back as a ghoul to attack Muro.
Murometz: naturally :P
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