Author Topic: A monolog on Submissions  (Read 1048 times)

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A monolog on Submissions
« on: September 08, 2015, 03:03:18 PM »
Years ago, I gave Moonhunter a hard time about the submissions he was writing. I was probably a jerk about it, and I likewise owe him an apology over it.

Because I am now doing the same thing that he was doing.

There are two kinds of submissions, free standing easy to use submissions that are useful to gamers, dungeon masters, and the gaming community on the whole. Then there are long multi-piece submissions that are part of a greater continuity that require the reader to go back through a half dozen or more other submissions for it to make sense. Like my Cosmic Era setting.

I gave MH a hard time because he was writing more of the larger collections, instead of usable stuff.

The wheel turns, and I'm writing stuff that is only useful to myself.

I want to step back, and put a few more viable things out into the Citadel, like the Lux Staff.

le link

I wrote a basic magic item, something that would be useful for a group of PCs to use on an adventure. It is tied to the Clichea setting/image, which while might seem mocking of the genre, it hits all the salient points.

le link

The staff was created by Lionguard (insert lawful good nation/state here) for their long running war with Gothmor (insert chaotic evil Nation/state here) so that there is context for it's creation, but it can very easily be plucked from that setting and put where a GM or player needs it.

It's also worth noting that the vast majority of gamers are going to be familiar with genre fantasy, and Dungeons and Dragons. While there is no real need to roll out page after page of tables and charts, there is no reason to not basically borrow the spells, deities, and other set dressing from the core set.

The item is created through enchantment with the Create Light spell, and that's all that's needed. GMs can look it up, or the comparable spell from whatever system they are running, and run with it.

Maybe one of the reasons that other websites with lower quality design, and lower quality content are getting better traffic than we are is because we don't make useful things. We make artistic things, yes, but they are neither marketable short fiction, nor are they things that gamers could actually use in their own campaigns.

I'm going to do more work along this line, throwing the items, NPCs, plots, etc against the blank slate of Clichea and letting it be something everyone can pick up and run with.

Just my two cents.
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