Author Topic: Species for the Sanctum setting  (Read 4790 times)

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Species for the Sanctum setting
« on: August 22, 2015, 03:55:57 AM »
My Sanctum setting was designed to accommodate "classic" fantasy species in a new context - so are goblins mercantile and members of the Lyran Empire, orcs actually have a nation, or half of it, and dark elves are more a philosophy than a sub-species.

This does not mean that outright innovation is not welcome for the setting. http://strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,6956.0.html

For example, I really could use some novel species of animals (domestic or wild) or monsters that I could incorporate into the setting.

If you have any ideas, just post here the name of the country in the setting, and describe an animal or monster that impacts the life there in some way.
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Re: Species for the Sanctum setting
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2015, 11:15:03 AM »

Gifted with wealthy and educated magi and no fear of using the infernal, the aristocracy of So'Lun have a small side trade in creating demon infused animals. These start as mundane animals, but through the use of magic and 'demon's blood' an ichor of alchemical creation, hybrids are created. These animals are larger and more robust, stronger and display a greater deal of intelligence. Some begin to display their demonic influence through bright colors, growing horns, spines, and spikes in random places. The truly grotesque are weeded out, while those that retain good conformation are used for breeding purposes. Some wonder what animals the garests and bannadu were before this process began.

So'Lun ptarmigan - a large meaty bird with brightly colored feathers, with the roosters having large hooked claws and prominent combs. The nobles breed them for feasts, using their feathers for stuffing furniture and beds, and some more base nobles indulging in blood sport with their birds. Commoners user lesser breeds of this animal (the greater breeds known for the families that keep them) for food, their feathers for decoration, and the bird fighting is much more common.

So'Lun Horses - A variety of horse breeds have been created in So'Lun. The majority can be divided out into the the light So'Lun Tracer, and the heavy So'Lun Dray. The Tracer comes in an exotic variety of colors, including metallic colors, and has an aggressive temperament. Tracers are used for hunting, military work, riding, and sport eventing. The Dray is a substantial animal, heavy boned and strong, and is used for hard labor that oxen are ill-suited to or too dull to handle. Drays are also used by the So'Lun knighthood and heavy cavalry for their love of blood and violence.
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