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TMCD - Dictionary/Lexicon
« on: February 26, 2015, 02:40:21 PM »
Neh'Tarab Ova'Foy - Far (Neh) Come/Walk/Seek (Tarab) Sight (Ova) Eye (Foy)
Footnote: The name of a male beta, third in command below Atouk.

Ma'Ndel Toofi - Many(Ma'Ndel) Play/Wrestle(Toofi)
Footnote: The name of Dokktch's youngest brother, also known as Toofi. Delta.

Dokktch - Head Small
Footnote: PC played by Moonlake. Delta.

Gaw - Mouth
Footnote: The name of Dokktch's oldest brother. Delta.

Nak'Ahm Sisu - Long(Nak) Leg (Ahm)/Spider Web(Sisu)
Footnote: The name of Dokktch's older sister. Delta.

Bwa'Ami Pata'Ea - Me/You(Bwa) Lead(Ami) Earth(Pata) Spear/Sharp(Ea)
Footnote: A name or possibly a title. Likely the alpha of the Earth Spear Clan.

Hlotua Bwa'bwa - Soft(Hlotua) Me Me/Body/Clan(Bwa'bwa)
Footnote: The teller of stories, the keeper of secrets, the healing mother, she who is clan unto herself. Shamanic mystic in the Star Fist Clan.
She is a step above betas and sometimes equal to the alphas.

Uobwa'bwa Kekeke - Curious/Impressed(Uo) Me Me/Body/Clan(Bwa'bwa) Cold/Sickly/Death(Kekeke)
Footnote: The name of the sickly helper of Hlotua Bwa'bwa, albino. She is an Omega, but as she has the protection of Hlotua Bwa'bwa, she might as well be beta or at the very least a delta.

Shaa'Tchok - Hot(Shaa) Closed Fist(Tchok)
Footnote: The name of the alpha female in the Star Fist Clan.

Ok - Hand/Peace

Rio'Okfoy - Fight/Aware/Beware(Rio) Hand/Peace(Ok) Eye(Foy)
Footnote: The name of Dokktch's mother. Delta.

Dokkuo - Head(Dokk) Curious/Impressed(Uo)
Footnote: A name.

Ndhame - Hunter/Friend/Comrade(Ndhame)
Footnote: The name of a male beta, second in command below Atouk.

Atouk - Star/Shining/Shiny(Atouk)
Footnote: The name of the alpha male in the Star Fist Clan.

Foy'Aa - Eye(Foy) Pain(Aa)
Footnote: The sun.

De'n - Stone/Hard(De'n)

Dwrdmm - Sound of flapping insect wings/Flying Bug(Dwr) Big/Heavy/Thunder(dmm)
Footnote: Giant beetles who fly and spit acid.

Gwrwar - Growl(Gwr) Roar(war)
Footnote: The name of a large predator who hunts in packs of twos with a hypnotic gaze.

Movasj - Darkness/No See/Death(Movasj)
Footnote: The name of a boneless flat creature that hunts at night.

Mah - And(Mah)

Rio - Fight/Aware/Beware(Rio)

Tarab Foy'Aa Bwa'bwa - Sunseeker Clan

De'n Ea Bwa'bwa - Rock Spear Clan

Atouk'Tchok Bwa'bwa - Star Fist Clan

Hua - Fire(Hua)

Za'dmm - Snake(Za) Thunder(dmm)
Footnote: Lightning.
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