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The Morrow of the Cave Dwellers


"...Mah Tarab Foy'Aa Bwa'bwa...Movashj!" Hlotua Bwa'bwa, she who was clan unto herself, finished with a hiss and her audience seemed to sway away from her clawed hands, like reeds billowing in the wind. Dokktch loved these stories of faraway adventures and curious beings, but now a strong hand clamped down on her vision and her small head was pulled towards the warm bossom of Rio'Okfoy, she who had birthed her, her chest heaving as she joined her clansmen, echoing a warning that was part of her name. "Rio! Rio! Rio! Rio!" The bellows of the Star Fist Clan rang out underneath the domed sky, bathed in shadow save for the moonlit beam that highlighted the ghostly features of Hlotua Bwa'bwa as she danced around, savoring the attention, grabbing fistfuls of sand and flinging it into the air. Up on the mound, Atouk and Shaa'Tchok, the male and female alphas pounded their fists on their chests in tempo with the cries, joined by their beta entourages in a display of power and strength, professing defiance and resistance against the unknown, against fear, against death. It went on for some time, the chant was a bonding, and almost like a feast in atmosphere. But all things must pass and as everyone slowly settled, another sleep passed.

Dokktch was awoken that day by the tappings of "Toofi", her youngest brother and closest to her age. True to his name, he was eager to begin yet another day with play. Amused, he pinched her and swiftly raced off, pausing a distance away to see if his kin would follow. A look around showed her mother chewing something, a tasty morsel before beginning the day might not hurt. Toofi had probably already eaten anyways. A ways off, she spotted her two other siblings, Gaw and Nak'Ahm Sisu joined in conversation with Ndhame, Atouk's second in command. Probably concerning something boring, like always. As reassurance, Dokktch's gaze lifted to see Atouk sitting on the mound, beneath the sea of stars from whence he was named, and Shaa'Tchok by the wet stone, lapping her fill, violently showing her entourage away until properly sated. Best not to try and meet their gaze, but still, all was well with the world. Now to begin her day!

Dokktch bounded up to her mother and nestled her own head against her mother's chest, rubbing against it affectionately. "Gaw," she said and then mimicked the motion of chewing. Rio'Okfoy tore off a strip from the piece of meat in her own hands and gave it to Dokktch. Dokktch put it into her mouth and then gave her mother a big smile before going off to join her brother Toofi.

She saw that Toofi had already gathered a group of teenagers around himself and they were wrestling. She crinkled her nose in distaste. She was just about to wander off by herself when the tangle of arms and legs separated. “Neh'Tarab Ova'Foy Mah Toofi”, Dokktch said and with that the group of teenagers wandered off.

Their feet stepped upon the smooth rounded stones that lined the entrance to the cavern, clack-clack they said, as the pressure of a foot slid one stone together with another, and then onto the rustling sunwarm greyish blue grass, and dried chalky mud as they climbed the mouth, a light breeze blew past them, entering out into the highlands, a sea of short grass. Some dwrdumm shaped dots grazed in the distance. Nestled in the navel of the highlands was the growth, a red lush canopy of big leafed trees that stretched on throughout the vale. Some of the trees floated high above the growth, defying gravity. It happened sometimes for some reason that trees were ripped out of the ground only to float up into the sky were they bobbed up and down until they rotted and fell down again. In the middle of the growth ran a sparkling river that glittered in the sunshine. Further beyond that, the teeth of the world lined the horizon with sharp edges and roiling smoke pillars. A well-throd path meandered its way down into the growth. On the far side of the hillside, Dokktch knew there were more caverns nestled, a few of them even bigger than this one, but none were habited, least not by anything that could speak.

Staying by the cavern mouth would be the responsible thing to do she knew, but the growth and the caverns were indeed far more alluring, albeit potentially dangerous.

Curiousity won out in the end and Dokktch wandered off down the path towards the growth of floating trees. She did look back once to check whether anyone had noted her action, in case she got into trouble later. Toofi caught her doing so and gave her a nod to indicate that he had seen her.

It was a long ardous hike and climb down the hills; the big light giving orb in the sky had moved a bit as they finally made it to the plains with the scattered grooves and further still into the thick walls of red trees that made out the growth. Big frond like leaves hid the wet plant covered ground that tangled into their toes as they practically swam through the foilage. The humid air was thick and filled with loud insect chirps, and the sky was all but blocked out by branches and leaves.

There was always plenty of food and water to be found in the growth. A big bush had plentiful grapes of red berries, a tree stump covered in moss sported blue wart like growths. None of which Dokktch had ever seen been brought up to the caverns. A way up ahead was a big broken tree, that was halfway about to float off; still tethered down by its roots, it strained helplessly towards the sky. Some ways away, the loud trumpetings of Dwrdmms could be heard. Toofi made his way towards the blue wart like growths, he sniffed them greedily.


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