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Tales from the Con
« on: February 17, 2015, 07:53:25 PM »
Just got back from 4 days at DunDraCon 39 (I love that the con # is the same as my age; feels like it was meant just for me ;) ). Had a blast, although I didn't get to game nearly as much as I'd hoped. A sign-up snafu cost me a seat at a table with an introductory D&D 5e module, and I did not make it into any of the other random 5e games I put in for. Woe betide the Mystic :P

I did sit in on some interesting seminars, got to throw around ideas on Refuge Beneath the Waves with a few of the presenters (thank you, MoonHunter, for jumping in as well) which I will organize and post in its own thread later.

Played a little Swords & Wizardry (OSR retroclone) modified with sanity mechanics. Sort of a Conan meets Cthulhu type of module. Lots of fun and the GM gave us all CDs from the band ArnoCorps for participating, which I thought made the experience even more fun.

Finally had a chance to play Fate with an experienced GM, and that totally rocked. Play was super-smooth and never bogged down in the rules, even though many of the players (there were 6 of us) were unfamiliar with the system and we all did some bats**t insane stuff. Plus, I can totally dig a system where I get rewarded for doing stupid, but character-concept appropriate, things :D (I got to fight a zombie on top of a moving van, a first for my gaming career.) The setting was very much Supernatural inspired, with the players all being hunters, and the GM threw plenty of challenges in our way while also letting us be ourselves and rewarding us for staying in character. It was 8 hours of crazy fun with barely any breaks. Intense, hilarious, white-knuckled fun. Can't wait to use that system myself.
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