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Busy times...

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Sorry I have been so inactive lately. We are minimum manned at work and I have been pulling 12hr shifts for the past month and it will last till next month. I only have a couple days off and that usually consists of me trying to get caught up in all my homework that has been gathering all week.

Whole site slowed down a little and I hope to rejoin again full force around the first of the month, until then I will visit as I can.

Hang in there :D

Very, very little activity...

It could just be me, but I have the feeling it is not only strolen that puts in little activity of late.
Now this is not a reproach, but as there seems quite a number of people (including me) that only stirs when provocked, yes, discussions do die down....

Yours, Ylorea

I have noted the same thing.  I have been chipping away at things... a little post in Kerren, a few things in other idea sections... you can see my slow progress on articles and such in that thread, but as a whole... we are posting slowly. The regular contributors are being busy on other things at the moment.   So I can only say one thing...

All you people who don't post very often or at all... get off your duff and post something... anything... contribute.

Thank you.  We now return to our regularly scheduled thread.

Well, and I have just considered to create another 'Bleh' thread.

The monster called Education rears its ugly head again, and it will challenge many of us I guess.

--- Quote from: "MoonHunter" ---The regular contributors are being busy on other things at the moment.
--- End quote ---

That's what happens. But do not worry. I am not afraid for the Citadel, it will get its share of our creativity again. It's just... diverted somewhere else. :roll:


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