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What the Immortals Have Done
« on: September 13, 2003, 06:26:18 PM »
Part I

Great Ah grew bored with the Old World, and wished to make a new one, so he tore the Old World to pieces. Then, Ah turned the remaining World-pieces into pigment, so that he could paint a new world. First, Great Ah painted the Immortals to rule over his new World. The first Immortals were Moon and Sun. At first, Moon and Sun did their duties faithfully, but eventually, they fell in love, so Great Ah, who can be very vengeful, declared that they would never again see each other. Moon wept, and Sun shouted, but in the end, they accepted Ah's punishment. Sun could awake only when Moon slept, and so with Moon. When Great Ah saw that they were doing their duties, he began to paint the other Immortals. He painted wise Hong, dark Ur, warlike Zan, and beautiful Dakor first. To Hong, he bestowed the sky, to Ur, the earth, to Zan, the fire and the forest, and to Dakor, the watery things. Then, Great Ah told the Immortals that he was going on a journey, and told them to wait, and he left them. The Immortals waited for a while, but they grew bored. It was Hong who suggested that they create a World like the Old World that Ah had told them about. So they crafted a World like the Old World, but it was different than Ah's, and imperfect. Ur was stricken with a black anger with their World, and wished to destroy it, but the other Immortals stopped him. So the World went on, and the Immortals took care of it, but they also abused it, for it was their World, and their plaything. Ur and Dakor had a daughter, who they named Ge, and Ur gave her a portion of his earth power. Hong and Zan also had a child, a son that they named Ign, and Zan gave Ign some of her flames. Sun and Moon met in the sky and made the first eclipse, and with it, three children, who they named Sif, Dag, and Yrlek. Sif's uncle, Hong, gave her a gift of power over air, while Dag recieved the sea's energy from his aunt Dakor. Yrlek found a match for his heart in his shadowy uncle Ur.
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