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Here Be Tusserks... and Dragons

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Tusserk wandered through the hallways, gazing upon the maps that lined the walls with appreciation. His attention soon came upon the book resting on the podium. Reading the list of names he grinned and added his own signature with a slight flourish.

I shall soon own all the maps  8)

Aaaaaand started... yes I know, it is about time  :razz:

1/3 Location Subs: The Ruins of Oldport, The Sundered Fields check

1/1 Society Sub: The Residents of Oldport check

3/3 Location Subs Voted: Bridges District check, Office of High Councillor check, The Glenbeard Tunnels check

so close... so d**n close

On the edge of greatness!

PUSH forward. Eat your other travelers if you must to complete the quest!

1 more down... now for the last location


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