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For those that didn't know, I am currently in the process of moving.  I have enjoyed the Tuscany region in beatiful Italy for over 3.5 years and it is time to go. Currently moved out and in a hotel for our last couple days before making the trip back to the states, New Jersey to be exact. Muro, here I come!

Because of this, I have been somewhat absent lately and that will probably continue through September. We hope to purchase a house and get moved in as quick as possible but, until then, it will be hard to spend a lot of time online.

At least I can finally read the entire Wheel of Time series. I have yet to finish the last book. Started the series again right before visiting Ancient Gamer (which was a trip of a lifetime!!) and started book 12 today. Can't wait to complete that after 20 years of reading and rereading that d**n series!!

Even though I am not on as much as usual, rest assured that there is a bunch of planning going on for the next version. Notes, notes and more notes.

So feel free to add ideas to appropriate forums. As mentioned, I am rewriting every character of the site from scratch. WITH COMMENTS! :)  It is going to be a blast and better than ever.

Have patience, "I'll be back."


This is all very mysterious and exciting!! (Well, except the New Jersey part. That's mundane :P)

Soon, I will visit you!

Trading Tuscany for New Jersey... 

Still in moving mode unfortunately.

Still in a hotel.

Finished the Wheel of Time series a bit ago. Started it when I went to Norway so devoured it. Ending was worth the wait. Definitely my favorite series ever, if only because of time invested and amount of times I read the first 5 books.

Pretty solid on using a laravel backend with angular as the frontend. If I am going to rewrite it then I am going all the way. AG mentioned ngix instead of apache for the server. Sounds like fun to me as well. :)

Yeah moving sucks. On top of that, my car that was shipped is one of the thousands missing or delayed:

So hotel living sucks. Not having our car sucks (they are paying for a rental so I do have a car, but once I get mine...who knows what kind of damage it is going to have.)

BUT, we finally close on the house on Tuesday. Move in, taking a week off to paint and do a bunch of other work to include getting some new floors put in before we get our furniture. So the end is nigh!! Will be another month before I am settled enough to get back into any type of schedule, but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

Then I will be ready for houseguests....or visiting Manhattan. ;)

ngnix is pretty interesting. It's less resource-hungry compared to Apache, so that's a plus. Not sure how well it integrates with PHP though, and I know the .htaccess magic will have to get replaced with other handwaving, so that'll be a fun experience I'm sure.


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