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Most of you will have read Silveressa's submission and if you haven't then I suggest you do! I've HoH'd it to the front page again but here's a link anyway:

I don't have an IRL group to play with at the moment so I'm coming to you fine folk with this! I'd like to try running a campaign (possibly co-running) using this sub as the central piece. It might be a tad ambitious, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

* 3 -5 players
* system to be decided

Count me in I'd enjoy playing in the setting, prisons work great for locked room style adventures, it should be a fun game!  :thumbup:

I'd be willing to get in on this as well. Just to be clear, we WOULD be playing the inmates, right? Or would we be the guards? Or a mixture of the two? And now to actually finish reading it...

Without giving too much away. 1 of you _,ight_ be a guard. As a possibility.

I'm back to the site more or less full time. Wondering if there is still any interest in this?


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