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Newbie alert!
Yes I mean me. I have been a member of the horde for a while now, and have enjoyed using many of the great ideas on this site in my Pathfinder sessions. When I finally get around to compiling some of my notes I plan on returning the favor and providing some content ideas. I am still relatively new to GMing and always on the hunt for new ideas. One project idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while is a campaign setting (or is it seed? Still learning all the terminology) for a gaming group large enough to have two parties. (yes they do exist, my group has around 12 people!)

Welcome to the Citadel! Always nice to see a new face, especially someone from the Horde.

If you've used some ideas from the submissions, I'd encourage you to post some comments on the subs in question, as well as here.

Thanks for taking the time to join! Always love to see an admitted horde join the ranks. It lets us know there are many still out there.

That is a huge group. Congrats on having so many wanting to play and good luck with your continued campaigns!

12 people Group?!  :shock: Oh I HAAATE you. :P Welcome.

Size isn't everything! :P

Welcome to the Citadel!



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