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How to Hack a Website - A Stanford Seminar


So I was checking out some enrichment videos recently... and found some lovely Stanford seminars. 

Then I found this one.  I am sure you IT people will find this more useful than I.  And note: It is not just this seminar, it is all the linked seminars that you might find useful in the defense of your websites.

In this first lecture of the Fall 2010 series, Dr. Loveland and her special guest Eve Hacker take you on a precautionary journey regarding computer security, with a talk entitled "How to Hack a Web Site".


I'll take a look at it when I get home, but my pre-watching thoughts are:

SQL Injection
Script Upload-Execution
Password Guessing (Insecure Passwords)
SSH Hammering

With the remote possibility of discussing prebuilt exploit toolkits for automated vulnerability detection and exploitation.

Let's see how well my predictions hold up.


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