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Finally climbed Mt. Fuji

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It was the last weekend of the climbing season and the opportunity presented itself. From couch to 12,388ft. One of the most physically demanding things I have ever done. The most expensive bottle water I have ever purchased ($5) and they sold those cheesy styrofoam cups o' soup (just add hot water) for $6.

Carried my stick, got my stamps on it, and hopefully nobody else will want to visit and climb that thing next summer. My wife and a friend went and it took us 9 hours to get to the top and 3.5 to get down. The average is 6-8 up and 3 down so we took our time. At the beginning it was to enjoy it, at the end because our legs and lungs didn't give us a choice. Had about an even mixture of paths of loose gravel and large stones and paths solid rocks and boulders. The wind was so strong for a couple hours that if you weren't FIRMLY planted you could be blown off your feet. A few close calls and falling would have hindered my physical well being. Double damage type fall. :)

So, I have been recouperating the last couple of days and my calves are finally starting to forgive me.

Just thought I would share (or brag) that I finally did it.

Ria Hawk:
Yay for Strolen!  Whoot!

Crossing the line of "what you thought you could do" is never easy.

I do pay my deep respect to this achievment.

*Presents Strolen with a magic super trophy*


Saying dammit makes any sentence even better!

*turns the sign in the slave galley from "row" to "clap"*

Congradulations Strolen! I have yet to climb any mountain of any sort, I might have to look for one now that I'm nearer to them. There aren't too many mountains on the border between kansas and missouri, the tornados have sucked them all up.

*cracks whip* Clap slaves, Clap! *cracks whip some more*

Yay for strolen! :twisted:


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