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The walk back to Red-Tower was uneventful after the coyotes and school, with few if any real answers.  What had killed the coyotes? What was behind that door in the basement, and why the hell did Luc’s crossbow end up incinerated.

Richards took their debriefing, and was quite interested to hear about the door in the basement.

For now, they could take a short break, things seemed a little quiet.  Nothing appeared to have happened during their expedition.

"Lets take a look at the junk we found," said Kredel.   

ooc - returning characters, please decide how the last few items will be divvyed.  There will be a bit of time to allow for new characters to join, and for the love of Pete, for Shadoweagle to return :P   


She had eluded the d**n Kings Marine for the third time today, though now she was holed up in an old factory of some kind. 

She heard something behind her - how the hell did _that_ get there? She was bringing her weapon around when there was a bright flash, momentary agony, and then nothing.

Where was she? Someplace far fancier. So much light, smooth floors. A bed? Restraints.


Why can’t she remember his(?) face? Someone was here.


The cloud passed.  She was herself again and they missed something.  The locks were not that good - which was good given the tools she had.

That done, time to leave.

Alarms, running feet, she ran left and right through a maze of corridors.  More flashes of light but they missed.

It looked like a motorcycle though it lacked wheels, but it rose off the ground slightly at her approach - whining of some mechanism filling the air.  Lights near the handlebars glowed - they beaconed really - and she climbed on.  The exterior door appeared to open automatically - why? She was not really inclined to argue - the door to the hanger was being breached and she turned the throttle.  She did not expect the speed it put on as she blasted out into the open air.

The structure behind her was huge - white and clean, with many towers and windows  - a story-book castle - she had looked back to see if she was being chased.  She was. Another door had opened and out came a pair of similar vehicles.

Controlling the ‘bike’ was a bit challenging - it did not respond quite the same as motorbike, and her experience with _that_ had been minimal. 

The two pursuers had blocked her from reaching Stonehammer, though that place really did not represent safety.  The ‘Marine would certainly notice her buzzing in on this thing. 
Flying barely above treetops she took a random route - she had no idea where she was going. The occasional blast of energy nearby reminded her of her pursuit.   

Then another one ended it.

The Bike dropped out of the air like a stone - it had no surfaces to maintain lift - and she had little time to brace herself as she plummeted through the foliage.  It hit a heavy branch, spinning the bike and sending her on a different trajectory.

Which was good, as the bike slammed solidly into a tree and promptly exploded.

She slammed into the side of some wooden structure and smashed through.

As she lay stunned, two hoverbikes flew overhead unseen.  They turned and went back the way they came.


Some time after the division of spoils, such as they were..

The blast of the bike’s power supply could be heard all over Redtower, and much of Kenebac.

Kreadle looked up from the garden he was working on.

Marcus was beating on the door-shield he was building.

Carnegie was out on a walk with Elvis.  They had bonded even tighter thanks to their recent adventure.  Lucus had been keeping his distance, doubtless still put off by the destruction of his weapon, or was it something else?

Anya was walking back from the town’s makeshift range - they had come onto a good amount of ammo through trade and she had had the rare opportunity to practice.

The range was not far from Redtower and it was not long before the Mayor found her. “Anya, Get some people together and go see what’s up with that.“


“Is she dead?”

“Did you see the body? No? Then get the @!#$ back there and make sure. Bring me her teeth if thats all you find.”

Asha sat up painfully, the feeling of something broken under her left hip giving her a pang of fear coupled with a flash of anger. Rolling gently to the side she risked a quick look and winced, closing her eyes at the tear inducing sight.

Her violin, the antique Spruce and Maple wood cracked in multiple places, several strings curled in upon themselves, the tail piece broken entirely at the hilt.

"s**t." She cursed under her breath listening to the sounds of the hover bikes as they swindled into the distance, the weight of her handgun reassuring under her left shoulder, and the leather hand grip of her sword still firmly sheathed at her belt.

Time to move, put as much distance between here and the crash sight as possible, after the room stops spinning and I catch my breath.

_Ka-whoomph!_ The blast reverberated in the air around Anya, momentarily stunning her. there one moment, gone the next.. She shook her head, willing the image to subside. It wasn't every day that one heard such a blast. In fact, they hadn't had anything this large or close to them in quite a while.

--- Quote from: valadaar on June 02, 2014, 07:40:17 PM ---The range was not far from Redtower and it was not long before the Mayor found her. “Anya, Get some people together and go see what’s up with that.“

--- End quote ---

Glancing up as the Mayor arrived, she gave him a nod to show she'd understood. Tasking acknowledged.

Before setting off, Anya made sure both her cannon and the Glock 20 had enough rounds to last in an extended firefight. The size and sound of that explosion was reason enough to believe that there would doubtless be follow-up elements en route. Possibly a SaR group, probably the opposite. They'd need the ammo.


She made sure everything was strapped down and set off at a quick jog to gather her group. Heading first to Kreadle and Luc, before coming to Marcus - that banging could only be caused by one person - "Get your axe ready, we gotta get Carny and then go check out that blast!".

Marcus sighed heavily. All he wanted to do today was finish modifying this door. It seemed that both Anya and the Fates were conspiring against him. "Why the hurry?" He asked. "Threats wouldn't d**n well announce there presence like that." Unless its a big threat, with lots of pointy bits and weapons, he added silently. He looked around for a moment, then dropped the shield and ripped a page put of his journal, scrawling the words 'Marcus Sauvage's Door- Thieves shall perish in agony' on it, adding a quick sketch of what would happen to thieves for the illiterate, and dropped it on the door. He then eyed his newly sharpened axe and followed Anya.

"Though I do hope for a threat," he added confidentially. "Things have been pretty @!#$ing boring since we got back from them coyotes."


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