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[Asydia] Systems: Elemental magic and Spells
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:26:17 AM »
Elemental Magic

Elemental magic within the Asydian system is derived directly from the four classic elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Every spell usable by Witches and Warlocks is created using a combination of these. While some spells use only one of these elements, spells can contain 2, 3 or even all of the elements in varying potencies in order to create an effect.

Due to the nature of these elemental spells, some spell types which are commonplace in other systems are unable to be harnessed by Elemental Mages. These restricted spells are instead used by other types of magic users. Some examples follow:

 - Summoning spells (Except elemental summoning) are instead the domain of Divine Magic, whereby the gods send a minion to aid their champion.
 - Spells which directly effect a living target (or previously living target), such as mind control, charm and raise undead need life energy to function rather than elemental energy. Thus, these are the domain of Bloodmages.

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of spells available to the Elemental mage. With your GM's permission and approval, you may even create your own spells, so long as they are plausible and utilize the elements.

Witches and Warlocks, as well as other classes who have gained more than +5 to their Education, receive a certain amount of Elemental spell points to distribute how they like amongst the 4 elements. They may choose to focus on one or two elements, or distribute their points more evenly. Focusing on one or two elements will grant more potent spells earlier, but may restrict the variety of spells they can cast. Similarly, distributing points evenly may offer a wider range of spells, but the power of these will not be as strong as a focused approach.

At first level, Witches and Warlocks may choose 6 spells that they have already learned. For every level gained, a class capable of using Elemental magic can add 3 spells to their list. On top of this, Elemental Mages may learn spells from other mages, if they are willing to share their secrets. In addition, the Mage may also learn spells by witnessing elemental effects in the real world and - through time and study (the time determined by the GM) - they may understand how to recreate that effect.
For example: A Witch survives a terrible earthquake, and after having experienced it, is able to replicate a smaller scaled version of that effect by utilizing earth and water magic to shake and twist the ground before him, thus creating the 'Tremor' spell.

The list of spells in this thread is by no means complete; there is little limit to the amount of spells available.

*To be added to later!
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