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[Asydia] Systems: Classes and Leveling
« on: May 09, 2014, 04:30:25 AM »

Currently, there are 9 classes within the Asydian system. More may be added at a later date.
At the moment, the information about the classes is quite generalized. These will be detailed in the future, with focus being on any classes currently being played in-game.

Physically oriented

From the chivalrous knight to the rugged militia-man. Guards and soldiers - these brave and practiced men and women are Armsmen.
The Armsman is an individual who has decided that his life should revolve around the art of combat. Skilled and well versed in the application of arms and armour, he has usually been formally trained in his past and knows how to use his equipment to gain an advantage in fights. Armsmen can come from all walks of life, from the noble's daughter who wanted out of the drudgery of politics, to the street urchin, who grew up to become a cruel city-guard. Thus, Armsmen are a varied lot.
As the Armsman grows in skill, he often finds himself favoring certain pieces of equipment, and will become more talented with the use of these pieces.

Leveling an Armsman yields: Bonuses to combat rolls, high defense Die, Favoured arms and armour.
Statistic bonuses: +2 Power, +1 Speed, +1 Hardiness

Thieves, explorers, spies, assassins. The Stalker is adept at going unnoticed. Stalkers tend to be quick-witted, clever, observant and resourceful. Stalkers are not all criminals; they simply know how not to draw attention to themselves. They are able to twist conversation to their favour and are good at assessing situations to find an outcome more suitable for the Stalker's needs. Stalkers are often experienced and worldly, their keen attention to detail often spotting danger before it becomes a problem. 

Leveling a Stalker yields: Bonus to hit and crit range on unaware targets, bonuses to sneaking and moving quietly, bonuses to charm.
Statistic bonuses: +1 Experience, +1 Charm, +1 Presence, +1 Precision

The Marksman shapes his or her training around one thought: that one perfect blow is superior to many poor strikes. The Marksman is adept at utilizing precise weapons to their full ability. Archers, Fencers, Acrobats and Monks; all lie within the Marksman's domain.
Statistic bonuses: +2 Precision, +1 Speed, +1 Experience

Leveling a Marksman yields: Bonuses to hit and crit range while using precise weapons (Explained later). Bonuses to speed. Possibly special, status-effecting 'pressure point' shots on targets.

Magically Oriented

(Basic information on the three schools of magic can be found in this thread: http://strolen.com/guild/index.php/topic,6755.0.html )

The Templar is the conduit to his or her God. In the name of his god, he calls upon divine favours to aid allies and debilitate those who stand in his way. Acting as this conduit is very taxing to the Templar, but the powers received are quite potent.

Leveling a Templar yields: Access to Divine magic, granted a blessing from his god which is chosen at the start of the day. Bonuses to Faith/Superstition
Statistic bonuses: +2 Faith, +1 Charm, +1 Education

Shamans, Wizards, Sorcerers; whatever they may call themselves - all are, at the core, witches. Witches draw upon their great knowledge to manipulate the world around them. The Elements bend to their will as they weave Fire, Air, Water and Earth together to do their bidding.

Leveling a Witch yields: 4 Elemental Magic points per level. Access to Elemental spells. Bonuses to education.
Statistic bonuses: +2 Education, +1 Experience, +1 Speed

Bloodmages, or Bleeders as they are colloquially called, have quite an enigmatic reputation - one which is further enhanced by the fact that they are usually scarred with cuts from head to toe. Stories tell of Bleeders raising dead, enslaving innocent townsfolk or destroying peoples' minds. Though some of this is possible through Blood Magic, it is rarely the case: Blood Magic is simply a tool to be used; it is neither good nor evil, and the magic can be used to aid just as easily as hinder.
Bleeders use their own life-force as energy to manipulate life around them. They cannot utilize this magic on themselves; only other forms of life (or unlife). Their abilities range from curing diseases, harming or healing others (at the expense of their own life), charming and mind control the powerful Bleeders can even re-animate those recently deceased. Blood mages use their hitpoints as spell points.

Leveling a Bloodmage yields: Access to Blood magic, faster health regeneration at higher levels, higher resistance to disease/poison.
Statistic bonuses: +2 Hardiness, +1 Presence, +1 Faith

Hybrid Classes

Holy warriors who fight in the name of their god, using steel and faith to do their Deity's bidding. Zealots are blessed with their God's favour, yet their division between warfare and devotion means that they lack the commitment required to be a true conduit to their God - at least until later levels.

Leveling a Zealot yields: Divine blessing, chosen at the start of the day, bonus to combat rolls, Divine spells at higher levels, bonus to charm.
Statistic bonuses: +1 Faith, +1 Charm, +1 Speed, +1 Power

With some skill in both Physical and Elemental practices, the Warlock is a pragmatic individual. She realizes one must be prepared for everything; thus, she chooses not to specialize, but rather divide her time between studies and training. As a result, the Warlock is a skilled fighter who utilizes elemental magics to augment her combat. Versatile and clever, there are few things she is unprepared for.

Leveling a Warlock yields: 2 Elemental Magic points per level, bonus to combat rolls. Bonus stat points every few levels.
Statistic bonuses: +1 Education, +1 Power, +1 Speed, +1 Precision

Hardy and Powerful, the Berserker is guided by his emotions.  What he lacks in formal training he makes up in ferocity. Dispite never having properly learned or understood the art of Blood Magic, he has nonetheless gained a rudimentary control over it, and is able to enter a Blood Frenzy in combat, in which he feeds off of his own life force in order to bring an unparalleled strength to his blows at the cost of his own health. When entering this state, blood seeps from his very pores, seeping from his body and covering his skin. This makes a Berserker in combat a terrifying sight to behold!
When struck with a grievous wound, the Berserker can capitalize on the life lost by using the energy to retaliate in a devastating blow.

Leveling a Berserker yields: High hp, but low defense die. Blood frenzy for bonus hit and damage, retaliation for bonus damage.
Statistic bonuses: +2 Power, +2 Hardiness


All characters begin with a 0 to all of their Stat modifiers. However, each class has unique bonuses to certain stats to represent their latent skill. upon choosing a class, these modifiers will be added to the character's stats. A Character's stats directly represent the bonus they get to rolls of that type. For example, a character with a 3 in Power have a +-3 to all rolls that require physical exertion.

Starting at level 1 and for every level thereafter, characters are given 4 points (May be altered for balance) to distribute amongst their stats. Players can distribute these stats as they like, however a maximum of 2 points can be put into one stat. It may be tempting to stack your points into just a couple of stats as they can become quite powerful quickly, and this is perfectly fine, except in doing so, one may find themselves lacking in other areas later in game.

Items, potions, spells and other effects may grant temporary or even permanent bonuses to particular stats.

The Asydian system does away with experience points. Instead, a simplified Progression system is used. Encounters or Scenarios that are overcome by a player is attributed a Progress Score by the GM based on it's difficulty. Good Roleplaying or clever thinking may attract bonuses to Progression - in fact it is encouraged that the GM award such things by granting bonus Progress points.

Encounter type vs Progression Score
Standard encounter: 1 point
Difficult encounter: 2 points
Challenging encounter: 3 points
Impossible encounter: 4 points

Progression points to level
Fast pace:
Recommended for: Shorter games, or newer players who want to see results quicker.
Level 2: 5 points
Level 3: 8 points
Level 4: 11 points
Level 5: 14 points
Level 6: 17 points
Level 7: 20 points
Level 8: 23 points
Level 9: 26 points
Level 10: 29 points

Standard pace
Recommended for: Most standard games.
Level 2: 5 points
Level 3: 9 points
Level 4: 13 points
Level 5: 17 points
Level 6: 21 points
Level 7: 25 points
Level 8: 29 points
Level 9: 33 points
Level 10: 37 points

Slow pace
Recommended for: Longer spanning games, and players who care more about enjoying the game itself than becoming powerful quickly.
Level 2: 5 points
Level 3: 10 points
Level 4: 15 points
Level 5: 20 points
Level 6: 25 points
Level 7: 30 points
Level 8: 35 points
Level 9: 40 points
Level 10: 45 points

In addition to the 3 stat points that players gain upon leveling, they may also receive certain bonuses or abilities depending on which class they have chosen.
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