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Tales of Asydia

Tales of Asydia is a small scale, casual paced Moderated Freeform game following the adventures of Uthrepur the Warlock, played by Ancient Gamer. Currently, the game is closed for any new players, however I may open the game for additional people as it progresses. If i do accept players, it will not be in a 'first in, best dressed' case, so don't be offended if you register interest and someone else gets in.

Tales of Asydia will be run using a custom built system which is still in it's formative stages (some details of this system can be seen in the Asydia section of the Setting Forge), thus many aspects of the game are liable to change dramatically as it is adjusted for balance or altered for smoother playing.

In line with this, it is paramount that any potentially interested players must accept without complaint that the GM's word is law. There is always room for discussion and suggestion, but if the GM lays down a final rule there is to be no argument or squabbling.

In return for compliance with this, it should be noted and remembered that the GM is not out to get you; he wants you to have fun, and will endeavor to make things fun. Trust in your GM, even when things seem grim!

This does not mean that bad things won't happen: the roll of the dice cannot be controlled, and death can occur! Be vigilant! Be smart! Beware of the strangeness in the world, and for that which skitters in the dark. Watch the skies for signs, trust not your fellow man, and know when it is wiser to run then fight. Do not let your fragile soul slip back into the endless Dreaming.

Rated R, not because I intend to put R rated content in the game, but because I don't want to restrict myself from details should the need arise. If you want puppies and fairies, this is probably not the game for you!

Tales of Asydia

Chapter 1: Timberfell

Click the image for a larger picture.

We begin our tale in the small woodcutter's village of Timberfell. A humble settlement in Western Ralkhara along the Rider's Road between the town of Slatestone and the Ralkharan/Sen-Rab border. Holding scarcely more than two hundred villagers, Timberfell has only a couple of general stores, several dozen homes, the Pigsplit Tavern and one meagre church where the folk pay homage to Zevoah with varied commitment.

Winter is near, and most folk of Timberfell have finished much of their work for the season just before winter hits.

One cold night, in late Autumn, a traveler appears at the gates...

Ancient Gamer:
Adventurer Currently in Ralkhara

Race: A swamp-dweller from Sen-Rab.

Uthrepur the Wanderer

+1 to Roaming Attack Bonus (Hit Chance)
Fights with 1 Spear and carries 1 Javelin

Power: 1
Precision: 2
Speed: 2
Hardiness: 0
Education: 3
Experience: 0
Charm: 0
Presence: 0
Faith: 0

Uthrepor's Magic
Fire: 1
Water: 0
Earth: 0
Air: 3

Cantrips are the most base of the elemental spells in their rawest form. They are impotent spells, but may be cast as many times per day as desired.

Fire: Spark
Range: Melee
A small spark of fire is conjured by the caster; too insignificant to deal any damage, but suitable for igniting kindling in place of a flint and steel.

Water: Purify water
The caster is able to remove impurities from small amounts of water, making even flasks drawn from stagnant ponds drinkable, if necessary.

Earth: Magnetize
The caster is able to make small amounts of iron magnetic. Magnetize can also be used to detect Magnetic North.

Air: Minor Manipulate
The caster is able to conjure a small gust of air up to 15 feet, capable of very minor things such as extinguishing candles or blowing light objects such as paper away.


Heat Metal
Duration: 3 rounds
Immediately heats up a chosen metallic object within 15 feet for 3 rounds. If cast on a metallic weapon, adds +2 to damage. If cast on a held metallic object, the owner must make a hardiness roll to avoid dropping the object. The caster may attack in the same round as casting this spell.

Command Flames
Gives control over an existing fire, enabling the warlock to dampen, enlargen, quench or move the fire (provided there is flammable material).

Staggering Wind
A: 1
Duration: 2 rounds
Whether outside or inside, a forceful wind arrives, making movement difficult and missile fire impossible in the wrong direction

A: 2 (Optional +1/5 minutes)
Duration: 5 Minutes, +5 minutes per additional Air point spent.
A Rippling wind blurs the caster, making him harder to spot. This gives him a +2 on all presence rolls, as well as a +1 to Roaming Defense.

Air Blessing
A: 1
Duration: 1 minute
The Warlock enhances his movements with the power of air. He runs twice as fast and jumps twice as high as normal.

Lesser Levitate
A: 1
The Warlock is able to levitate vertically, but needs something else to propel him horizontally.

Some Miscellaneous notes about magic

Spells that use illusion or affect the sight tend to have water as part of their cost, due to water being able to redirect or reflect light. For example, invisibility would use Water and Air. Making an illusiary forest fire would take Fire and Water, and possibly wind to help it move.

Spells that deal with movement in most cases have air as part of their cost. Increasing speed, levitation, moving objects to or away from you and so on. A Fireball will need at least 1 point in air to push it away from the caster.

Warlock Leveling
A Warlock gains the following stats at first level:
+1 Education
+1 Power
+1 Precision
+1 Speed

Defensive Die: 1d8
Hit die: 1d8
Hit Points (First level): 8 + Hardiness

He is a lover of books and a practicioner of magic
Uthrepur is vain and self-reliant. He keeps his body trim and toned. He prides himself as a good swordsman, though perhaps not as good as he thinks? He spent his youth as a pickpocket and still remembers his old tricks.
Uthrepur is vain and narcissistic. He favors kohl around the eyes and wears a warm cloak, with a bare chest under.

Wisdom (Does not weigh his decisions... at all)
Etiquette (Sadly lacking... a lot! He can be hot headed and rude, but he can also be really nice , if he likes someone)
Risk taker (Lives for the moment... He feels armor detracts from his apperance and would only wear armor if it made him more attractive looking)
Openly Gay (Feels that his sexuality is no one else's business... and fails to take bigotry and oppression into the equation)

Names & Status of Parents:
His father is unknown.
His mother was called Ursulia, though he has never met her. For many years she worked as a whore and barmaid at a Sen-Rab tavern, where she had Uthrepur with one customer. Uthrepur, like other unwanted bastards, was away; he was left in the arms of Abkh-Tares, an Adept of the Brothers of Shadow - A secretive cult of warlocks living within the Indra Swamp.
Abkh-Tares would become Uthrepur's mentor in the years to come and he was the last person Uthrepur said his farewells to when he was forced to flee Sen-Rab.

Home town:
The Shadow Monastery within the Indra Swamp and for months at a time Gama-Sol, where the brothers sent him to live on the streets, to live as a pickpocket and be their eyes and ears. Each fortnight he would send a raven with news about the comings and goings of politicians and senators, then, after four months on the streets, he would return to the monastery to continue his mystical training. 
Uthrepur is on the run. While visiting Gama-Sol as an infiltrator among the elite, he had the misfortune to saddle a handsome young man called Iras-Mystar, the favorite consort of the Third son of the Khira. The Third son found out, and Uthrepur found himself on the run, with a bounty on his head. Bounty hunters even came knocking at the monastery, so the Elder Warlock sent him packing.

(Yes, I love monasteries :p )

Progression Points earned: 1
Equipment gained: Iron Knife

Game Log
Uthrepur threatens Stannis with his spear.
Category: Charm (Intimidate)
Difficulty: 1d4 (Drunken peasant looking for an easy tag.)
Roll bonuses: +-1 for Uthrepur (Brandishing his weapon and making a display.)

Roaming Roll: 3

Your roll, AG. 2-4 is a successful intimidate.

Ancient Gamer:
(10:01:29) Minion: Ancient_Gamer rolls 1d4 and gets 4.

I only control my PC, so I leave it up to you to post the result text.

Minor encounter completed!

Progression Points earned: 1
Equipment gained: Iron Knife

I had to make it a quick post, because the little one is having some troubles tonight :( I will carry on to Pigsplit tomorrow! (Or wherever else you want to go, if you choose to chase the thugs, go back to the gate or go another direction.)


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