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Improving my writing.


Here goes.

I've been trying to improve my writing as I'm conscious that my subs are usually below par, and take forever for me to churn out. Which is why I've been browsing my local library specifically for books that offer insight upon how to improve, understanding of writing and plots etc.

The books I'm reading atm are:

* The Seven Major Plots
* The Weekend Novelist
* The Road to Somewhere: A creative writing companion
I read a lot, and try my best to write daily, and can usually come up with a couple of pages on a variety of different topics, including a journal. I know there are a lot of subs here on Strolen's too that are especially useful for posting here. If you peeps know of any more than I'd really appreciate it.

More importantly, if you have any recommendations for further reading, about writing, then I'd also really appreciate that too. I'm sick of being stuck in this rut, and not really doing enough about it.

Here is a post that I found interesting, and will likely take into account next time I write something:


Not 100% applicable, but still quite close.

Thanks val.

I've found another couple of books, but they each seem to be aimed towards journalism or writing a thesis/PhD. The rest are mainly aimed at persons that already write with some degree of professionalism/familiarity.

Keep searching I guess..

The Creative Writers’ Workshop by Cathy Birch I've read and found rather useful across the board even though it's geared more for professional writers but some of the writing exercises she proposed were rather interesting. If you can't find a copy in your local library, PM me and I will send you a Word doc of my summaries of her book. I don't think I'm infringing on the author's copyrights that way.

Strolen posts that you might like to read for advice regarding writing and posting for the Ctiadel are firstly Moonhunter's 2 articles on posting in the Citadel (accessible through the I am Creating link under the Library pull-down and man, did I not wish that I had come across them first thing when I joined, esp. the top one) and then my own General Posting Advice (search under my profile) that are more general and from feedback not too shabby.

I also have a vague impression of why some of your writing has not been well received by Citadelians but it is just an impression so I stand corrected. On some of your subs, I get the feeling that the underlying idea has been rushed out ahead of time resulting in a sub that straddles the line drawn by my internal conception of how a complete solid sub is like. These are, well, definitely complete ideas but they just seem to miss something that I can't quite put my fingers on. That's my personal opinion and I don't know whether you find it helpful but just thought you might want to know even if it borders a little on brutal honesty. Anyway, I commend you on your endeavour to improve on your writing and best luck with it.


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