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Hey I am new to the form, I have been writing my own games in fate and D&D for awhile but I am looking to make it a better and more efficient story telling and playing and just get out there in the community a bit,

Hello and welcome aboard!

Allow me to be the first - dammit, Val! - allow me to be the second to welcome you. As a relative newcomer myself, I've found a lot of ideas here for my games (and even a couple for my son's Pathfinder game), and a lot of support for my attempts to write. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

As someone's who's recently started using Fate, I'd love to pick your brains about it.  :) Welcome. Oh and what form? Round? Triangular?  :huh: :P

Thank you valadaar and long speak I look forward to.. You know seeing what you have to say not hearing but same deal. And haha ya that's the curse of writing on your phone gossamer *forum* :axeman: also I like him I thought I would share that,


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