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There's only one godd**ned rule in this thread. If you are not intoxicated you cannot post here. Got that you sober berks, no booze, no writing.

And I see some of you thinking, I'll just have a sup and that'll do. No it bloody won't. If you can drive a car, then you're too sober to write in this thread. Got it?



Bourbon, not fancy bourbon, not expensive bourbon, it's the cheap s**t. Ancient Age, in a plastic bottle. This is regular grade gasoline boys, not jet fuel, not the stuff I would take to a party.

I find that there are two things that are very effective for kicking my creativity into high gear, large doses of caffeine and cheap ass bourbon. Give me a Monster or a Full Throttle (or a pot of coffee before my gallbladder turned Benedict Arnold on me) and I would give you meaningful characters based off of stupid pornstar names, Star Whales, and all that. Likewise, bourbon sends the hamsters running very nicely on their treadmills.

You guys don't see all of that. There is some erotica that gets written, but that's not for now and that's not for here.

But it's the cheap stuff. I don't like the expensive stuff. Well, I do like the expensive stuff. I had a shot of Middleton something or other and it's $200 a bottle. It was magical, there were elements of oak, honey, cherry, smoke, tobacco, chocolate and so many other wonderful things in it. As I held that shot of expensive liquor in my mouth, savoring the exquisite flavor I felt the blood rush to my face like the first time I got a girl peeled out of her panties.

I'm cheap as hell, but considering my income and the fact that I have horses (plural) rather dictates that as a mandatory thing. I can't drink expensive booze, it bothers me. Because the booze that I casually consume to turn into words has to be cheap. I'm on my second bourbon and coke (a double followed by a single) and that would just be unacceptable if it was some $200/bottle effing Middleton. Instead its $25/jug Ancient Age. It works.

I hit it hard when I got home from work, and I had a light lunch. That's a problem, since the booze hit me fast and hard. Nothing to soak it up. Too quick, or too fast and my ability to write is just pissed. Yes, I'm writing now, but this is just stream of consciousness BS, there is no arc, no meaning, no greater allusions, allegories or other english class stuff.

d**n I'm tired.

Keep on keepin on

Base out

Greetings and salutations  :beer2:

We're down one bourbon and coke, and hells yeah its Friday night, there's cold beer in the fridge and the wife is in bed.

Time for writing and s**t.

#CultofDone business hit this morning, and I'm pleased with that one. Got 30 Genetic Mods done, and I've been working on an off on that one for a bit. Mixed together some obvious cyberpunk tropes, some real life what would people do with genetic mods, and a decent sized dose of X-Men. Between genetic modification, cybernetic implants, and varying degrees of parapsychic abilities, the Cosmic Era has functionally Build Your Own X-Man

18 Gifts from the Outer Gods was intended to be a 30 but bogged down, but I'm pretty pleased with the 18 I got out of it. Messed up stuff.

Patrol Pods was a basic equipment listing, whatevs.

And the Quortek Baat'leb was a foundation piece, something that can be linked back to to explain how a magical trap is fueled, and generally giving bad guys another tool for level draining, killing minions, and generally being evil. I hate the name, but somehow if I give a submission a silly name, it gets more hits, votes and comments than something with a straightforward name.


I want to do something with the 19 creature types in pokemon. The last person I talked to about it said it was stupid idea.

Finished RL-8 Space stations, got it out, cult of done, and now I don't have to think about horrible places shapes like D8s. I'm not at all happy with it, because I feel I sacrificed getting the hellraiser/event horizon feel for Leviathan which should be it's own guns blazing horror and death module and not just a footnote on a generate five room dungeon space station.

It's 4 AM... God, I dont know the last time I saw 4AM...

Cult of Done is Cult of Done, and now it's out so piss on it

Arrow brand black berry brandy, the stuff's $4.19 a bottle, and seems to do the trick pretty effectively, (3-4 shots or so) especially when on the rocks and an ewmpty tummy.

Plan to have my rnadom spouse generator NPC created while in an intoxitcated state, and see if it;s better than my sober subs.

Lookin to be a fun way to pass an otherwise dull evening/late night/early morning.


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