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Open Season/Throwing stuff to the Horde


I've had these:

in my request advice/collab for ages and haven't done much with them, if I'm honest, then I must say that I have completely forgotten where I had intended to take them.

I did do an update on CM the other day, but again, that was with older material.

If anybody would be interested in being added as a collab in order to finish these off, with due credit being given, then you're more than welcome.

As far as BL is concerned, I am aware that there isn't much there, and if nobody considers it worthwhile, will just delete the sub for the above mentioned reasons.

Hopefully I can get these chucked out and have a clean workplace again :P

Second one has been deleted after looking through it. Too much of a John Doe. Could be any trivial NPC.

1st one has now been submitted as an unfinished work. See the author's note for more information.


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