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From the 1st of April and onwards till Friday, I might possibly be unavailable due to work. So I would ask that any GMs in active games I am a part of would auto-pilot my characters so as to not hold the games up. Any details if needed will be PMed to the respective GMs.

Sorry for this, very bad timing. :(

Hokay. Silly me for thinking I'd get a gainful employment. Disregard everything I said, more time than ever now...

Condolences on the lack of paid employment, on the up side you've got more time to spend with us, so it's not all bad.  :beer2:

Yeah there is that.  :wink: Thanks.  :)

Wednesday the 11th through Friday the 13th, I'll be off checking out education opportunities. So any games I'm in will have to be auto-piloted till then please. Apologies for inconveniences, thank you for your cooperation etc etc.  :)


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