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Holding the Breach [Breachworld / Mini Six mini-adventure]

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Once, hundreds of years ago, human civilization achieved a Golden Age of technology. 100,000 Gates connected all of humanity via instantaneous transportation. Yet it all came to a tragic end when every Gate malfunctioned and connected to... somewhere else. Aliens of all forms came pouring through. These breaches in spacetime have become locked open, but only allow traffic to flow into Earth, never away.

As the centuries passed, so too did civilization. Humanity has forgotten how to build and maintain the technology of old. Aliens of every stripe wander the world, nearly outnumbering the remaining humans. Relics of the past still exist, however, and await discovery by intrepid explorers.

(For the curious, more detail can be found in the Breachworld preview, although it's not necessary to read this before playing.)

I am looking for 2-3 players to join me in a foray into this world gone mad. I can provide a few pre-genned characters to choose from, making this a pure grab-and-go experience. (If you have read the preview and would like to create your own character, let me know.)

The rule system is built on Mini Six, though no previous knowledge of the system is required before play begins.

I am for sure interested :) just let me know when and what to do to start.

Seeing as I'm not playing in any RP now, I'd be up for this.

Edit: If Kass and Goss want to play more, then by all means, have my spot.

Registering interest here for now. I know Gossamer is also interested so preference to be given to him in the event of having to choose. I don't want to muscle anyone out of their place.

So, Tiannaki, me and Kassy? I'd roll with this.


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