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I need ideas for 30 Gifts FOR a Dragon

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Cheka Man:
16-Dragon backscratcher
17-Sleep spell that works on uninvited humans who enter their cave uninvited
18-book with heroic dragon
19-shadow puppet play with heroic dragon (axlerowe's seedling)
20-Toothbrush (big one)
21-formal land deed

22) A human (or humanish) bride/husband that does not know he/she is a dragon.  The PCs may convince the Dragon to spend a lifetime as a human and spare the country side from the dragon's wraith (or leave the Horde less defended) by getting the dragon to live as a human spouse.  The PCs will have to bring with them eloquent tales and elegant depictions of the intended and then oversee the introductions and marriage of the true-human to the human form dragon. 

23) Fireworks:  It is commonly believed that fireworks and red paper terrify and repel the man eating Dragons that come to mortal plane every New Year.  But this is a misinterpretation, these celestial dragons are immortal and for them dining is only a luxury.  The fireworks actually satiate the dragon hunger.  The loud noise and bright explosion calm the primal needs of these Celestial Dragons.   Even when eating humans it is screams and the bright burning flesh that they enjoy most. 

24) Artificial life/ intelligence: dragons and all traditions love beautiful things, intelligence, magic and of course power equally. So in a logical assumption a precious Thing that is magical or magical caused to have any kind of intelligence and generally is a symbol of power or holds power that would probably convince a dragon to at least tolerate you. As example an enchanted sword embed with runes to awaken a spirit inside and then a masters work to give it a mind or even trapping something's mind in it. It's pretty flexible as an idea you. Could also use the same idea to trick the dragon equally as well if your creative.

25) The single most valuable/important/powerful item in your possession. (The dragon will know!)


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