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I need ideas for 30 Gifts FOR a Dragon

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Cheka Man:
Here is what I have so far.

1-Persuading a dragon of the opposite sex to couple up with the dragon
2-Thousands of gold pieces
4-[The Black Spear] as the dragon would not want such a weapon to be in human hands
5-A pet dinosaur
6-A famous human bard to sing for it
7-A story
8-An egg from another dragon

9-A new joke. Dragons actually love to laugh, but when you're a thousand years old, you've pretty much heard them all.
10-A Tagma Drakontas monk to bond to
11-Dragon-sized jewelry. Most dragons are either not deft enough to craft jewelry, or too haughty to stoop to such a menial task. And though they love gold and jewels, it's hard to find anything that would fit a dragon.

12-Swallows roasted in Lotus flower. Swallows roasted in Lotus flower is a favorite dish of all water dragons, and dragon spirits, but it a is difficult dish to prepare properly. Bland bird leave the dragons angry, and while over cooking the Lotus removes it taste undercooked swallow can make Dragons irritable.

13) An illuminated bestiary:  High comedy among the tower toppling, princess munching and knight roasting family of dragons.  The Dragons can never have enough of these delicately crafted books, because one good snort of laughter and the book is left a pile of ash.

14)  Typist or Scribe:  It has always bothered the dragons that Fu Shi did not understand their gift.  The dragons presented man kind with the elements of writing not so Dragons could read the diluted and sappy ideas of humans, but so that the humans would stop forgeting or confusing the words of the dragons.  As far a the dragons are concerned it is the responsibility of humanity to record the many thoughts and opinions dictated by dragons.

15) Breathe Mints: Sometimes the trick to gift giving is not what to get, but how to present that gift tactfully and respectfully.   

16) Flame resistant coin wrappers


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