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Arco San Louis sits at a confluence of borders, rivers, and nations within the Atlantic Federation. The city, built approximately 70 miles from the site of Old St. Louis is a model of Cosmic Era efficiency. The Central Arco rises and impressive 1.75 kilometers from the ground, with another 1000 feet of aerials and antenna rising from it's core spire. A shining brushed steel edifice, it's fluer de lis picked out in gold paint on each of it's four primary faces is 300 meters tall. Around the feet of the arco the city rises up, half a dozen demi-arcos, almost all owned by corps and megacorps, and heavily involved in industrial applications. Those buildings are in turn nestled up against high rises built up from an elevated false ground level of clean streets with efficient public transportation, greenspace, and all the amenities that make Arco San Louis one of the top ten desirable cities in North America, and the 11th nicest city in the Atlantic Federation. Beneath the false floor the real ground level, in perpetual shadow of the city above it, and the geofront foundations that hold everything up 'cover up' the cities gang problems, it's urban poor who congregate in the underground housing projects, and the debris littered subterranean boulevards that connect the undercity to the economically repressed rim of the city. There are no favelas, no centuries old buildings that have been turned into massive tenements, that was all abandoned and left behind when Arco San Louis broke away from Old St. Louis. 

The Mechadrome for the city is located on the western side, and it houses a full mecha battalion, 40 active machines in 8 squads. There is also helocraft support in the form of both gunships and troop carriers that can deploy power armor troopers as the need arises. The city itself retains the services of not one, but two Self Propelled Turrets, the Spirit of St. Louis (a first gen autocannon armed crawler) and Kingshammer (a last gen rail gun armed crawler)

The city retains such a large garrison as it is a rarity, Arco San Louis is a free city, not attached to any of the nations surrounding it, and the garrison it has is drawn half from locals, and half from units rotated in through the Atlantic Federation's Armed Forces. The city, long tired of constant fighting between the Rocky Mountain Republic, the Republic of Texas, the Republic of the Great Lakes and even a brief occupation by the Confederation of Southern States, declared its independent state, used mercenary forces to repel the nationalist forces, and requested recognition and protection from the Federation governing council. Since then, the city has been a hotspot of activity. Free Cities draw in megacorps, and the city's security contracts are lucrative and draw in mercenary companies and security companies as well. The mix of Federation troops, mercenary troops, and Free City Troops makes things interesting.

It doesn't help that even Amerikka Command wants a piece of the city.

(OOC - Welcome to Arco San Louis, feel free to arrive, brief introduction of your characters, and head to mechadrome/barracks. Debriefing at 0800.)

Marsha Stressor:
Sergeant Stressor stared out the window of the helo dyne, admiring the glimmer of early morning sunlight off the towering steel and glass monoliths that made up a large portion of the visible city. Also the place, (she noted with no small amount of pride,) she had been entrusted with protecting, and would call home until chance saw fit to drop her and her future lance mates in the thick of things and put their skills to the test.

Her thoughts drifted, between the numerous drills and procedures that had become second nature by the end of her training, and invisible weight her sergeant stripes carried on her collar, refocusing on the present as the helo settled onto the tarmac with a soft jar.

She glanced down at her watch, noting the time, barely enough to stow her gear and grab a quick shower before debriefing, hopefully the rest of her squad would be on time as well, she hated being the first one to briefings, it always made her feel eager, and impatient at the silence of an empty room.

Giving the pilot a brief salute she exited the vehicle, grasping her duffle bag in one gloved hand and made her way to the barracks, paying close attention to the flow of personnel around her. One could learn a lot about a postings over all morale by the soldiers carried themselves, and the condition of its bulkheads and service ways.

She kept an eye out for any sign of her team as well, having familiarized herself with their dossiers on the flight earlier.

Maxine Sanchez:
It was a culture shock, plain and simple. It had been three weeks now since Maxine's family moved up to the Arcos from the undercity. The cleanliness of the overworld still left her speechless at times. She still wasn't clear on what her father had done to earn all this money and just exactly what his new job entailed, but he came home clean and happy every day at least. And somehow his position had opened doors for her as well. Throughout the years she had gone from operating lowly loader mechs to the lower tiers of millitary hardware once she joined the service, but her latest promotion sure had been a surprise. Usually the underdwellers could never dream of climbing this high.

She knew it wouldn't be easy, and she would have her work cut out for her earning respect from these posh stuckup ashies. But she was determined to earn her spot, and in terms of skill, she already had. The town car pulled up outside the mechadrome, it wasn't the first time she was there, but it was the first time she went in through the front. She took a deep breath, shouldered her bag and walked in through the guard posts brandishing her  forearm with the ID tattoo as a shield.

‚ÄčThe flavour of Amy's lipgloss had barely faded when he pulled up to the gate.  He was appraised by the biometric scanners and barely slowed down as he guided his hoverbike through the gate.  This base was not far from his previous posting, but it felt like it would be vastly further away.

He got off his bike, a Meritech 3000, given to him to promote the bike while he was still a 3rd rate celebriety.  He service had dropped him off the paparazzis radar, such it was, and he suspected they might try to take it back someday. His parents, of course, hated it, much as they hated virtually every choice he had made with his life. Good.

He found his room easily enough, stowed his few items and readied for the brefing.  He detested being late and made certain not to dawdle.

The room was empty when he reached it. He took a seat near the front at whim, normally he took the rear row on such things.

Marsha Stressor:
Marsha inhaled deeply as she entered the briefing room, the smell of stale coffee, boot polish and sweat mingled to remind her no matter the posting, some things were always the same. She gave a curt nod to the man seated near the front of the room, adjusting the data slate in the crook of her arm and sitting down with a empty seat between them.

"Sergeant Stressor, Shadow Hawk pilot and long range gunner." She offered by way of introduction, letting a touch of warmth enter her features as she gave the man a polite smile. If her file on him was accurate, he was a bit of a hotshot, but unlike most of them, actually had a degree of skill and potential to match his bravado.

"Any word on the op today? I'm expecting patrol, or war-games in the sims so command can see how us new comers stack up to the rest around here."


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