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Hello, I am Songtress (and yes the name is deliberately misspelled).

 I have ever really run a game before but at this point after playing a few wonderful games of (Fate Core) and various other titles I thought I'd give a shot.
I am from the USA. I am an avaid reader who enjoys  Fantasy (mostly), but Sci-Fantasy and historical Fantasy are great too.

Favorite Games:  I don't know there are lot of RPG's out there, for the moment I'll say Fate Core & the Fate Toolkit, since its ability to be shaped and molded to fit the genre of any game is kind of awesome.

 I found  Strolen's citadel I think when I found one its pages that listed.. (Medieval jobs?- I think)


I have been trying out the Fate Accelerated Edition rules in a weekly chat game. I'm not sure that I'm completely sold on the mechanics per se, but I really, really love Aspects. I mean, really. A lot. Such a simple concept that changes the focus from rules to narrative. Also, the dice are cool, especially the ones sold by Evil Hat :)

Aspects are SWEET, and yes if you're used to a more 'simulationist' game like D&D, then yes ,FATE Core (or Accelerated) can feel too loose. But once get the hang of it it really grows on you.

We welcome you, Songstress! Enjoy all the Citadel has to offer!  :beer2:

Songtress is not mispeld, it is spelled precisely how it is meant to be. Not sure what it might be otherwise, Seamstress. Sing Trees. Suntripper. Songegress. Sam.

You will probably end up getting a nickname that we can't spell write either so it is all gravy. Welcome!!


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