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So I am planning out a Fate Core game, and  right now, I've hit upon this ( taken from another peice I wrote about on my G+):

 From Pern I am drawing on the  Psi-bonds (and potentially other  lite psi power) equivalents, so a sort of 'Renaissance -esque fantasy world).

 Then drawing from Dinotopia: So having the PC's be  perhaps people a  plane wrecked /transported across dismensions/worlds ect... have them find a  world that welcomes them and tries to bring them into the fold.

  So I am mostly starting out from small base camp they'd have set up and they've managed to find a city.. big and bright.. and colorful...

 The 'issues So far are:
"Strangers in a Strange Land"
" There are... Intelligent!" ( In reference to the Intelligent bond-able beings- who are fully Sentient & sapient)

Trying to figure out how to bring  some factions and beliefs to the world- but I wanna leave much of it up to the players.
 i don't want to write the whole world for them (its no fun.)

So I am very much torn between the all te characters doing collectively having  these "Themes:
Journey of Discovery (of themselves and their new world), ultimately being
 "Reborn" into their new Worl, and becoming denizens of it and taking their places. and then setting off on a
 'Quest' and that resolution.  ( Basically trying to encompass the three Dinotopia book different flavors while transposiing them over something slightly less. Idyllic)?

 So I know I want to give some 'boxes' for things, from Dinotopia & Pern I want the 'bonding creatures' to be unique and capable, but (unlike Pern, and more like Dinotopia- they need to be fully independant from their human counter parts beings in their own right. ( On Pern dragons are not, they literally were designed to need humans to LIVE (upon hatching if it doesn't find a suitable human lifemate it dies.)

I am viewing the world that the people come into a : 'Fantasy world' - so colors and outfits can range and no one blinks an eyelash at things that might be anachronistic from one 'era' to another.

I know I also deliberately have less-pleasant things going on.

I'm not familiar with Dinotopia, but the setting sounds like fun.

What do you need help with? Figuring out what direction to take it in?

Oh Gosh, Dintopia ia Gogrgeous set of picture books set in roughtly the late 1700s abotu a father & Son who are shipwrecked on the Isle of Dinotopia,   ( A land where dinosuars and humans live in partnership and peace.

 Its mostly just how not to bungle it. I also just don't have any players,- because I am nervouse about running a game.


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