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Welcome, StygianWolf!

Aaaaaarrrroooooooooo!! (All is forgiven within the pack).  :wink:

Hehe.  Ok, so where should I begin?  Anyone got any devious suggestions for me?  Something that'll teach me the Ways of the Citadel Warriors, as well as stimulate my bumbling... brilliance...

May I suggest a look at our fine selection of options upon the Fields of Challenge board? There is also a Quest running for the next couple of weeks in which you can pit your skills against those of your fellow Strolenati.

And if none of those grab ya, you can always jump into Chat and kick around ideas.

Welcome, Wolf, may I also suggested you check out our collection of "Hall of Honored subs" for a few examples of some of our more noteworthy submissions at the Citadel.


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