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I had registered some time ago, but before I could even make my first post, I ended up tumbling through obstacles thrown at me by that thing called life.  I'm finally settled for a bit and thought I would at least try to say hello and attempt to add my bumbling ramblings to your absolute brilliance here.  I beg forgiveness now.

Run, run! Before it's too late!

Hehe, it's already too late. You've been caught in the Citadel vortex... next thing you know you'll have been here 3+ years and wondering how you ever survived without this place  :evil:

There is no escape from our Chamber of Chains exciting and welcoming RP community!  :chain:

RL is such a bummer sometimes. It is amazing how much time it can take up!

All bumbling is brilliance in disguise. We can recognize that as easily as we can identify a zombie ant so no worries.

Glad you made it back!


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