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Kate Hammerhill and free copies of the Starpoint Gemini 1 & 2 video games.

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Just a FYI I'll be in Strolens chat tonight around 7pmish if those who voted and want the games want to join me and do a /roll d100.

If you want make it then feel free to do the roll in front of whoever else is in there if they're willing to bear witness to it's validity.

Okay to keep this simple if those who care about the prize (Dozus and Muro are the only 2 as far as I know?) haven;t managed to do their random rolls by this Friday (the 18th) I'm going to do it for them and keep this from dragging out for weeks.  8)

Okie Muro told me in a pm he forfeited his choice, so Dozus, let me know if you want Star Point Gemini #1 &#2, or just #1. (And an email to send the steam cd key to)


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