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Kate Hammerhill and free copies of the Starpoint Gemini 1 & 2 video games.

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For those who haven't heard of it, Star Point Gemini 2 is a space combat/exploration game somewhat reminiscent of X3 http://store.steampowered.com/app/236150/

Long story short the devs of the game have a contest http://www.starpointgemini.com/forum/contests/hero/votingPage/index.php?page=1 going for people to submit their character concept.

I submitted a variation on Kate Hammerhill from the Hard Way and All you Need is Kill rp's going here (she's on page 2 of the contest with 12 votes currently.)

(Note before you can vote you need to register on their forums, http://www.starpointgemini.com/forum/index.php  which only takes a few moments and is completely free)

Oh and you can vote once every 24 hours so every day to increase the chances.

If she makes it into the top 5 and wins I get a free cd key for the game on Steam. Since I already own both games and have no need for second copies I'm happy to let whoever helps vote for her do a /d100 roll against whoever else helps vote and pass along the cd key/games to the winners.

So feel free to vote early and often and make Kate Hammerhill a legend among the stars!  :thumbup:

I voted!  :thumbup:

A candidate I can get behind.

A reminder to vote again for today, the contest ends on the 23rd so the more people you can get to vote the better her chances.   8)

A reminder for the final vote since the contest ends tomorrow, also Kate is now #5, placing her in the bottom of the winners bracket and on page 1  :thumbup:



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